Wedding Wreaths

Sources: Meg Perotti /The Stylish Soiree via Style Me Pretty (left); Paula O’Hara Photography/Laurens Norton via Southern Weddings (right) 

It’s the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiife…. Okay okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic (and also? the last time you’ll hear me singing a song a) by Elton John and b) from a musical), but there’s no denying that a circle is an appropriate symbol at a wedding. It represents connectedness, eternity, the wedding rings. And when it’s made out of flowers – well, it’s just so gosh darn purdy. I’ve been noticing wreaths all over weddings for a while now, and every time I do they catch my attention, so today I thought we’d just bask a little in the eye candy.

Wreaths can be classically beautiful (especially with sumptuous florals)…

Sources: Carla Ten Eyck/Storied Events via Style Me Pretty (top left); Melissa Schollaert Photography/Honey Darling Events via Style Me Pretty (top right); Lauren Brooks Photography/The Perfect Occasion via Style Me Pretty (bottom left); Jill Thorning-Jensen via Love My Dress (bottom right)

Or deliciously rustic…

Sources: Wild Ridge Design (top left); House of Love (top right); Caroline Tran Photographer/Kelly Oshiro Design via Style Me Pretty (middle left); averyhouse/Bliss Weddings & Events via Style Me Pretty (middle right); Matthew Dickinson (bottom left); Vivaterra (bottom right)

And there are so many places you can put them – on the doors to your church, the gates to your reception, an empty tree or lamppost. Or use one to pretty up the bride and grooms’ chairs or the getaway car. Wherever you choose to place them, they make a charming impression on your guests, and a great photo opportunity.

Sources: Catherine Hall Studios/Off the Beaten Path Weddings via Style Me Pretty (top left); Scobey Photography via Style Me Pretty (top right); Landon Jacob Productions via Style Me Pretty (middle); Caroline + Ben Photography/Dayley Design via Style Me Pretty (bottom left); Scott Piner Photography/Kim Fisher via Style Me Pretty (bottom centre); Justin Wright Photography/Knestrick by Design via Style Me Pretty (bottom right)

I also love it when a couple does something different with their wreath, and uses it to playfully reflect their theme or motif. Just look at these sweet feather wreaths, for example. The one on the right is ideal for a peacock themed wedding.

Sources: Anthropologie via White Crow (left);  Abbey Hepner via La Belle Bride (right) 

Or the cork wreath (perfect for a wine farm wedding). Or how about using a simple foliage wreath with paper escort cards pinned to it instead of a table plan?

Sources: Martha Stewart (left) ; Living Savvy (right) 

You could really think outside of the box for your materials. Paper, straws, or… plastic cups? Love these!

Sources: Brosnan Photography via Mariages et babillages (top left); Woman’s Day (bottom left); Twig & Thistle (right)


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