Real Bridal Shower: Alice in Wonderland + Free Printables!

Okes, I am VERY excited about today’s post. It all started when a lovely reader and bride-to-be, Tanya, mailed me the invitation to her bridal shower. It had an Alice in Wonderland theme (or ‘Alles in Wonderland’, which I love! – that’s ‘everything in wonderland’ for our overseas readers). I asked to see some pics, and she sent over loads of them – these girls looked like they were having a wonderful time! I couldn’t believe how much effort her friends had gone to in creating the decor, but the best was yet to come. Tanya’s friend Andrea Kuhn mailed me offering to send me her files as free downloads for the blog, so she could share them with all of you. How sweet is that? We love Andrea. (If you’d like to contact her about design work, drop her an email at mrsandreakuhn{at} What I love about these printables is that they’re really whimsical – a perfect nod to the novel Alice in Wonderland, but so usable for this kind of party. Cupcake flags, tags, cards for the table, photo props – they’re all there.

PS To shop this look, see our Buying Guide

If you’d like to throw an Alice (or Alles!) in Wonderland bridal shower, here are my top tips:

  • The great thing about Alice is that you sort of have free reign on the decor as anything a bit zany, topsy turvy, turned about and surreal could be included, which means you can look around for decor items at home. Key motifs you may want to include are: clocks, hats, playing cards, tea cups, mushrooms, rabbits, flamingoes…
  • For table centrepieces, fill teapots and teacups with flowers (see more tea party decor here), or turn costume top hats upside down and use them as containers. Or stack teacups one one top of another (stick with glue if need be) to create height and interest.
  • For favours, give each of the ladies a different vintage teacup – line them all up (the more mismatched, the better) and it’ll be part of the decor, then write everyone’s names and the date underneath (or write a sweet tag) and they can take it home with them afterwards.
  • Foodwise, a traditional tea party is a no brainer – it’s in the book, and it’s super fun. And of course, nobody says you can’t also drink champagne out of teacups!

Download the printables here:





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