How to Style a Cheese Wedding Cake

I don’t know about you, but I love cheese wedding cakes – they’re by far my favourite alternative to the traditional wedding cake. It’s not just the abundance of delicious cheese (cheese!) but the fact that they can be so prettily styled. Fruit, crackers, edible flowers, herbs, drizzled honey, ribbon and of course different varieties, colours and shapes of cheeses can make each cake look unique and work to suit just about any wedding style. Plus, it’s easy to put this together yourself (see our cheese wedding cake DIY instructions here). Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of actual cake, but it doesn’t suit all couples and I think it’s great that nowadays people don’t feel pressured to spend a fortune on something they don’t want to eat themselves. A few weeks ago we looked at dessert table alternatives, but today I thought I would round up 20 gorgeous examples of cheese towers to give you style inspiration! Which is your favourite? Oh and PS, you can see more of the latest cheese wedding cake looks on our special Pinterest board.Read More

Supplier Spotlight: Ice Cream Ninjas

As a wedding blogger, I’m always on the lookout for something new and different that can add an extra spark to a wedding day, making it extra memorable for your guests (and often, keeping them entertained, so your photographer can take lovely pictures of you and your groom). So when I stumbled across the concept of Ice Cream Ninjas, I was super excited. You guys, it’s like Cocktail (Tom Cruise style), but with ice cream. I’m going to say that again. Cocktail… with ice cream. It’s bloody genius. And I cannot think of anything more fun at a beach or summery wedding.

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Behind the Menu: Willemijn & Jan-Willem

Good afternoon, lovelies – hope today has been treating you well? I’m stoked to be bringing you another in our ‘Behind the Menu’ series, where we celebrate weddings where food is at the centre of proceedings. Being a bit of a foodie myself, I love looking at how a great menu is customised for each couple, although by the end of working with these pics I am dying to eat the food! Never more than today, in fact, because this lucky Dutch bride and groom had several incredible courses including a fresh crayfish entree. One of my all-time favourites! It really makes me miss home, and especially remember my last meal before going off to university, when we spent the day at Betty’s Bay with my cousins and feasted on crayfish they’d brought in fresh from the sea that morning. Wow. Food flashback! Anyway, I love that the executive chef at Stir Food, Gustaav Boshoff, included it here, alongside a menu that really shows off the best of South African cuisine. Oh, and PS, how much do I love the hanging floral decor? Just gorgeous. Perfect execution from The Aleit Group, as always!

Catering: Stir Food | Venue: Burgundy Bourgogne | Event Design & Co-ordination: The Aleit Group | Photography: Cari PhotographyRead More

Brunch Weddings

Source: Pancake display

So, usually I am the person working in weddings who doesn’t get to GO to a lot of weddings. Side effect of living in London, innit. But this year has been different. This year, if I had a pound for every wedding I’ve attended… well, I’d have five pounds. Still, five weddings between March and May is quite something. Four have been in South Africa, which has given me the best excuse to hang out here for almost three months. (And a chance to see so many precious friends, I’m a lucky girl!) The last of Wed-a-palooza was the wedding of my friends Sven & Louise (which you’ll get to see soon), and apart from being insanely beautiful, what made it unique was that it was a brunch wedding. A trend beloved of bloggers, but rarely seen in the wild, this was the real deal. And it totally convinced me. Brunch weddings are AWESOME. Here’s why:Read More

Behind the Menu: Anca & Pieter

Today we have another real wedding ‘behind the menu’ post (you can read our first one here) from the Aleit Group. This time they teamed up with Piet Marais from Stir Food. And oh my WORD you guys, I wish I was a guest at this wedding! The menu went to a whole ‘nother level in the personalisation department. Not only did they include all the bride and groom’s favourite foods, but they even (and just get ready to say “wowsers”) surprised everyone with their favourite main course. I mean, can you imagine? It’s like when you’re on death row and you get to order your last meal, except that instead of jail it’s a gorgeous beachside wedding and instead of dying you get to follow up your main course with an incredible dessert. Ok, it’s nothing like death row. But still. I bet you’re trying to decide what your meal is. Mine would be a seafood platter. With avocado. And a side of gnocchi. Nom. Read More

Behind the Menu: Sandra & Andre

Aside from all things pretty (top of the list: shoes), one of my greatest pleasures in life is food. I love food way too much (which I can probably blame on being half Italian). From a simple lunch to a top-rated restaurant, there’s nothing better for me than sitting down to a delicious meal with my favourite people. So I’m really excited about today’s guest blog, which is all about customising a menu to suit your wedding style. Wedding co-ordinator Johnny Hamman of Aleit approached Devlin Cathey, Head Chef of Smoke Cuisine, with his clients’ brief to create a varied menu with a dinner party vibe. Here Johnny and Devlin take you through their creative process, and show you the awesome final results. I warn you, they will give you serious food envy! But hopefully they will also inspire you as you come up with your own wedding menu. I especially love the buffet-to-table concept, and the alternating starters, a concept one of our own real brides used as well.Read More