Wedding Veils for the Fine Art Bride

Lace Mantilla Veil by Sibo Designs (Image: Brumley & Wells)

The other day we rounded up some GORGEOUS fine art wedding dresses from Etsy, but I’m not done yet with the pretty, oh no. Because a fine art bride also wants to rock a beautiful veil. And why wouldn”t she? Veils are quintessentially romantic and feminine, they look incredible on film (especially those with extra length or lace detailing) and they can also add a bit of vintage flair, whether that’s a touch of Art Deco glamour or a swish of old European grace. But don’t just take it from me. Dive into these 20 spectacular beauties, and you’re sure to agree! Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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DIY Sparkle Birdcage Veil

I could tell it was a good day when not only did a fab city elopement editorial land in my inbox, but the lovely Rebecca of Runaway Romance offered to share some of her crafty expertise in the form of a DIY from the shoot (which we featured this morning – didn’t you love it?). As you know by now, I’m besotted with all things bling, so when I laid eyes on the sparkly birdcage veil she custom made for model Setsoali, I knew you all would want to know how to recreate this stylish and subtly glamorous look for yourselves! To be honest, I’m trying to figure out where I could possibly get away with wearing a sparkly birdcage veil myself, just so I can make one. Supermarket run? Dog park? Rugby? I’ll figure it out. Meantime, let’s get to grips with the how to. Thanks so much for sharing, Rebecca!Read More

Lovely Long Veils

Get ready for some beautiful inspiration friends, because today we’re talking veils. And not just veils. These are veils and a half: cathedral (or at least chapel) length, full-scale veily gorgeousness. There’s no messing around with these veils. They mean business. But let’s rewind a sec, because while this certainly isn’t a new thing, it’s definitely a trend. Back when I started this blog a few years ago, you couldn’t find a long veil for love nor money. It was all about the birdcage then. And then it was about flowers and braids and floral crowns. But slowly, I started to see these beautiful veils creeping into my peripheral vision. And each time they did, I would do a double take. Veils started making a comeback, especially dramatic full-length ones. Then Kate Moss did it, and it was officially a Thing. And here we are. And I have to tell you ladies, I LOVE this look. I mean, I still like other veil types, but this is hands down my current fave. Whether plain or patterned, cathedral length veils make a style statement, and the good news is (as you’ll see from my roundup of lovely below) that they go with a huge variety of dress types and wedding styles. So go on. Go long. You know you want to.Read More

Swan Wedding #5: The Bride’s Style (Veils/Hairpieces)

We have less than three months to the Big Day so the bridal look seriously needs to start coming together! Trouble is, I keep bumping my head against salespeople that seem to think our laid back and informal style is from another planet! One lady asked if the wedding was gothic. When she got a “no” with a big frown she replied, “oh, so it’s a beach wedding!’ Hmmm. Even today, when I was describing the wedding I got a “Is it a cowboy theme, then?”. Oh gosh.Read More

Birdcage veils

The first time I remember noticing birdcage veils was when Reese Witherspoon wore one in her stylish turn as a bride on Sweet Home Alabama, but this stunning style statement has been all over the place recently. It’s super pretty (especially when teamed with an ornate vintage hairclip) but has a bit of extra sass and tons of Hollywood glamour. It also makes for wonderful bridal closeups, so your photographer will love you! The veil can be a variety of lengths depending on your look, and can be added to clips, hairbands, fascinators or just left plain, depending on your wedding style.

Some of my favourites from around the web include:

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