15 Meghan Markle Style Three Stone Engagement Rings

15 Meghan Markle Style Trinity Engagement Rings | SouthBound Bride

Round Brilliant Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring by MS Jewelers

With just over a week until the Royal Wedding, speculation is running wild as to Meghan Markle’s wedding dress. But before the big debut, there’s one element of her wedding style you can steal: her three stone engagement ring. This classic, trinity engagement ring setting, with the three stones said to symbolise ‘yesterday, today, and tomorrow’, has been given a revival by Meghan and Harry’s engagement ring choice, and is now one of 2018’s hottest engagement ring trends. So of course, I just had to go and search Etsy for the prettiest three stone rings I could find, in a range of metals, diamond shapes, and price points. One thing’s for sure – all of them will leave you feeling a little more regal! *Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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Wedding Veils for the Fine Art Bride

Lace Mantilla Veil by Sibo Designs (Image: Brumley & Wells)

The other day we rounded up some GORGEOUS fine art wedding dresses from Etsy, but I’m not done yet with the pretty, oh no. Because a fine art bride also wants to rock a beautiful veil. And why wouldn”t she? Veils are quintessentially romantic and feminine, they look incredible on film (especially those with extra length or lace detailing) and they can also add a bit of vintage flair, whether that’s a touch of Art Deco glamour or a swish of old European grace. But don’t just take it from me. Dive into these 20 spectacular beauties, and you’re sure to agree! Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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20 Elegant Beach Wedding Accessories

Boho Beach Destination Bridal Hairpiece Vine by Emma Rose Treasures

I do love my little trawls around Etsy – it feels a little like I’m in search of buried treasure, and whenever I turn up something truly lovely, something I know you all will love, it really is like I found the pirate’s gold. That’s particularly appropriate for today’s roundup, which includes all kinds of lovely little trinkets with a touch of the sea for brides, grooms, and bridesmaids. And while too many themey things could be a little cheesy, each one of these accessories stands alone as an elegant addition to your wedding attire. So peek inside the treasure chest and see which is your favourite!
Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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A SouthBound Guide to Diamond Shapes

Image: Alexis June Weddings /Aisle Society/Susie Saltzman on SouthBound Bride

The French are said to die for love, they delight in fighting duels. But I prefer a man who lives and gives… expensive jewels. So sang Marilyn Monroe, and so I agree (plus, isn’t that a fabulous lyric?) and that’s why year after year, alongside all the pretty dresses and details, I find myself sighing at the sparklers on our brides’ elegant hands. And while I’m a sucker for a classic round solitaire, I love the variety that modern brides have in their choices – different settings, different metals, and for many, non-traditional stones (because diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I also love hanging with morganite, sapphire, etc.) Another area of choice if you’re on the engagement ring hunt right now is shape (sometimes called cut, but not the cut referred to in the Big 4: Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat, which is rather the reflective quality of a diamond). There are actually a huge range of diamond shapes or cuts that you can choose. And, while the ones best suited for sparkle are the old classics (round, cushion), the fancy cuts, as they’re called, can make up for it in uniqueness (after all, how many of your friends are rocking a trillion?) We’ve rounded up some of the more popular shapes, along with lots of pretty, pretty rings from Etsy to show them off at a range of price points. (Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.)

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Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart: The Dreamers Collection

Swoon alert! I have some seriously GORGEOUS fashion inspiration to share with you all today, in the form of the latest collection of fine art bridal accessories from Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart. Inspired by Albert Joseph Moore’s painting, ‘Dreamers’ and a love for styling her brides with artfully designed pieces, it’s an exquisite collection of crowns, combs, hairpieces and gauzy silk tulle veils that will not only lend their ethereal beauty to the bride who wears them, but become treasured heirlooms in years to come. And don’t get me started on these lookbook images by Laura Gordon – I’m dying over every exquisite frame.

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Romantic Art Life: Gentle Soul

Brideys, do I ever have some beautiful inspiration for you today! Last year, I discovered Romantic Art Life, a collection of gorgeously intricate bridal hair accessories, which I shared on the blog. Well, I recently came across the 2016 collection, and I am in LOVE. Each one of these pieces is so special and perfect for a wedding day look (or even a bridal portrait shoot or engagement session, styled right). And there happens to be the most gorgeous lookbook too, full of beachy romance and lots of dress, hair and makeup inspiration on top of the amazing accessories – I couldn’t wait to share it! Here’s a bit more about the collection, entitled ‘Gentle Soul’, from designer Anastasiya: My 2016 Bridal Collection “Gentle Soul” was inspired by the organic elements of Florida, pastel colors of the beach sand, relaxed feel of the sea and sky. I wanted to create a timeless style full of movement and romance. Our elegant bride believes in magic, loves to dance and sing, dreams about love. Her soft & romantic gowns from light & airy fabrics, accessories with intricate details in her hair, illuminate the beauty of her gentle soul. Her soul that is unprotected, beautiful and soft.

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20 Spring Pastel Wedding Details

Spring has officially sprung here on SBB this week, and we’ve been enjoying the first round of the pastel-fest that is our September. Fun! So this afternoon I just had to bring you some fun details and ideas to add that little something special to your pastel wedding, from some of our favourite makers and suppliers. Whether it’s something to wear, something to decorate with, or something to give your gorgeous bridesmaids, you’ll find it here :)Read More

20 Botanical & Floral Bridal Hairpieces

Time for some gorgeous adornment, brideys! I’m forever getting stopped in my tracks while browsing Etsy by some of the absolutely spectacularly gorgeous bridal hair accessories – and I’m especially partial to those with a bit of a botanical bent. Cleverly crafted gold and silver leaves in goddess-like crowns, pearls and crystals fashioned to look like flowers and berries… I just wish I had an excuse to wear one of them, but they might be a bit faaancy for the supermarket, no? Anyway, if you’re planning your big day accessories, I really don’t think you’ll get much prettier than these 20 nature-inspired hair accessories, from some of my favourite Etsy makers. (Contains affiliate links – the cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission on any sales)Read More

For Love & Lemons Bridal Lingerie Collection 2015

Afternoon, lovelies! As part of our month of natural beauty, we’ll be looking at all the little bits and pieces that go into making a bride look her best on that all-important wedding day – and night. That includes lingerie, so today we’re showcasing the new bridal collection from trendy LA label For Love & Lemons, a favourite of stars such as Ellie Goulding. This series of dreamy lookbook shots is so pretty that they also serve as beautiful boudoir inspiration, for those of you considering a shoot. Whether you’re after something fun like the ‘I do’ or ‘Wifey’ knickers, or something super sexy like the Honeymoon thong, garter and bra set, you’ll be inspired – my fave is the lacey little ‘Yours Truly’ lace robe – and I’ll bet your man will love it too, wink wink.Read More

20 Delicate Bridal Garters

So here’s the question: what do you guys really think about garters? Personally, in the past I never really liked them – most of the ones I came across looked a little cheap and nasty, and I kind of hate the whole bouquet/garter toss traditions anyway. But here’s where I love a garter – in a bridal boudoir shoot or in those pretty getting ready shots where you see the garter isn’t just an unnecessary extra, but a really pretty part of the bride’s foundation garments. Something delicate and decadent and spoiley that makes her feel extra pretty. And sexy. And fabulous. Now that I can get behind. So I thought it was high time I rounded up some really gorgeous handmade garters that could easily fit the bill.Read More