20 Botanical & Floral Bridal Hairpieces

Time for some gorgeous adornment, brideys! I’m forever getting stopped in my tracks while browsing Etsy by some of the absolutely spectacularly gorgeous bridal hair accessories – and I’m especially partial to those with a bit of a botanical bent. Cleverly crafted gold and silver leaves in goddess-like crowns, pearls and crystals fashioned to look like flowers and berries… I just wish I had an excuse to wear one of them, but they might be a bit faaancy for the supermarket, no? Anyway, if you’re planning your big day accessories, I really don’t think you’ll get much prettier than these 20 nature-inspired hair accessories, from some of my favourite Etsy makers. (Contains affiliate links – the cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission on any sales)Read More

Blair Nadeau 2015 Yester-year Collection

Happy Friday, lovelies! What do you have in store for the weekend? With the sun out in a big way in Durban, I suspect I am going to spend most of it glued to the side of the pool. But first, it’s time to share some more lovely fashion inspiration, and today it comes to you in the form of Canadian milliner Blair Nadeau‘s latest collection. Which just happens to fit beautifully into our boho month – especially with this styled shoot photographed by Whitney Heard, which is all kinds of boho gorgeous! Be sure to check out the Blair Nadeau Etsy store to order some of these lovelies.Read More

Jannie Baltzer 2014

Woohoo, Friday! Have y’all had a good week? I am in Kruger as we speak, having a girl’s weekend with my mom, one of her besties, and one of mine (who also happen to be mother and daughter). So guaranteed I am having an awesome time, but after you see this set of stunning pics and bridal accessories, so will you be even before the weekend starts. Hands up any South African brides who have heard of Jannie Baltzer ? I am hoping that’s a lot of you, but if not, allow me to introduce you to her. This range of INSANEly beautiful headpieces and accessories has been setting Wedding World alight for the last few years, every delicate, memorable, gorgeous-making piece. So I thought it was high time that I brought a bit of this loveliness right here to SBB. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend – I’ll see you back on an extended schedule next week. Assuming the Wifi is working and I don’t have to be on my mobile internet because THAT IS ANOTHER STORY. I don’t want to talk about it. The internet in South Africa makes me MAD. Anyway, yay! Pretty hairpieces! Happy face! ;) Have a brilliant weekend friends – I’ll be back with my roundup on Sunday!Read More

Mismatched Bridesmaid Accessories 3 {Jewellery, Hairpieces, Stockings, Cardigans}

Source: Michelle Lindsay Photography

Hello friends – hope you’re having a great day! Today I’m bringing you the third and final installment of my roundups on mismatched bridesmaid accessories (see here for bouquets, and here for shoes) – even I can’t believe there are so many ways to let your ladies express themselves! Today I have even more amazing ideas, literally from top to toe! Just a word of caution – all of these trends work best when you use one or combine two at the most (including the dresses themselves), so don’t go overboard. For example, you could put your girls in the same black dresses with different coloured shoes and bouquets to match them, or mismatched dresses in the same colour with different statement necklaces. It’s all about making a style statement, not looking like they’re going to a fancy dress party! The good news is that you can be really creative, depending on the time of year, the style of your wedding or even your personal style. If you love wearing scarves and your wedding is in autumn, give each of your ladies a beautiful and unique scarf to wear. Or if, like me, you’re a fan of chunky cocktail rings, gift each of your girls with a different ring for a special touch to add to their look that will always make them think of you. I think this trend will just continue to grow – I can’t wait to see what maids will be rocking next season!Read More