2021 Engagement Ring Trends

2021 Engagement Ring Trends

So you’re engaged, or thinking of getting engaged, and you can’t wait to get that engagement ring on your finger. But hang on, WHICH ring? Picking an engagement ring is a massive decision (whether you do it together or leave it up to your partner) – it’s a piece of jewellery you’ll have to wear and love for the rest of your life. The good news is that long gone are the days where pretty much everyone was after a platinum round-cut solitaire. These days, there are SO many incredible options, and you can pick whichever one suits your personal style (even if that IS a platinum round-cut solitaire!). With ethical diamond concerns, couples have opened their eyes to other gems or natural diamond substitutes, and traditional cuts have expanded to include many more of the so-called fancy shapes (for more on diamond shapes, see our guide!). And with celebrities having such a massive influence on design and fashion, there are always new styles and twists emerging alongside the classics. Here are the five 2021 engagement ring trends that are taking the world by storm, and a selection of gorgeous engagement rings from Etsy to inspire you!

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Solitaire Settings

2021 Engagement Ring Trends Solitaire Settings

For 2021, it’s a return to all things classic and elegant, and when it comes to engagement rings, that means solitaire settings. Of course, solitaires never really went out of style, but this beautiful, simple style has definitely seen a resurgence in recent months (and amongst celebrities too). Brilliant cuts, ovals, and cushion cuts are all great choices for this look.

Rings: Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring by Love by Oh Kuol (top) | 1 Carat Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring by Nature Sparkle (bottom left) | Brilliant Cut Moissanite Thin Band Solitaire Engagement Ring by Braverman Oren (bottom right) – all via Etsy

Statement Engagement Bands

2021 Engagement Ring Trends Statement Engagement Bands

Stand-alone bands are a hot trend right now. They make a big statement, have a unisex vibe, and can be worn in place of a wedding band or with one on each hand. You could go for a classic wide band with a centre stone, a sparkling diamond eternity look, or something completely unique. It’s up to you!

Rings: 16ct Diamond Eternity Ring by Sophie Jane Jewels (top) | 14k Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Ring by Things Grandma Kept (bottom left) | Modern Baguette Diamond Band by MS Jewelers (bottom right) – all via Etsy

Blue Engagement Rings

2021 Engagement Ring Trends Blue Engagement Rings

Coloured engagement rings are going strong, but while pink and yellow stones have had their moment, 2021 is all about blue engagement rings. From aqua to royal blue, sapphires to tourmalines, there is so much variety in this category that your choices are endless. And of course, a central blue stone works beautifully with diamonds, so you can have your cake and eat it too! (Catch our roundup of Something Blue Engagement Rings here.)

Rings: Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring by Minimal VS (top) | Unique Hexagon London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring by Love Rings Design (bottom left) | The Maya Handcrafted White Gold Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring by Lorraine Fine Jewelry (bottom right) – all via Etsy

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

2021 Engagement Ring Trends Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

If you happen to have admired celeb Lily Collins’ engagement ring recently, then this is a style you’ll love! Rose cut engagement rings have vintage flair, and although they’re less faceted, their flat bottom gives the illusion of size. So if size rather than sparkle is your priority, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck!

Rings: Rose Cut White Diamond Engagement Ring by Minimal VS (top) | Oval Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring by Envero Jewelry (bottom left) | Three Diamond Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring by Minimal VS (bottom right) – all via Etsy

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings

2021 Engagement Ring Trends Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for something completely unique, a salt and pepper diamond is a great idea. This quirky gem is all about celebrating flaws (literally!) and having a ring (and a romance) unlike any other. How’s that for some sweet symbolism? Plus, salt and pepper diamonds are more affordable while still having diamond durability, and they’re super pretty too!

Rings: Vintage Art Deco Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring by Ny Fine Jewelry (top) | Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring by Moss N Stone (bottom left) | Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring with Accent Stones by Aardvark Jewellery (bottom right) – all via Etsy

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2021 Engagement Ring Trends