At Home Couple Shoot

How do you celebrate a new chapter in your life? A party? A special meal? Champagne? Jewellery? I’ve been thinking about this recently, because the fact is that I’m rubbish at doing it. There have been huge changes in my life over the past year, and the truth is that I haven’t really marked any of them, which I don’t think is a good thing, because marking changes in our lives is one of the foundations of our society. I mean, weddings – that’s what we’re all here for, right? Anyway, today’s couple have the right idea. This isn’t an engagement, but a special celebration of a new chapter their lives, and I love how personal it is. Eugene and Thia have been married for almost two years, and recently bought their first house (as opposed to flat/apartment) together. They decided to have photographer Michelle Joubert-Martin (who has just moved back herself from London to Cape Town) capture them chilling out in their new home, and it’s clear that after the ‘I do’s they’re still very much in love!

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