Modern Bohemian Wedding at Altydlig by Debbie Lourens

There are some weddings I fall in love with more every time I look at them, and Juan and Mari’s is one of them! Which probably has something to do with the fact that Mari is such a creative soul – not only did she design all the stationery for her big day, and come up with some gorgeously unique ideas (like the cork boutonnieres and origami crane invitations), she applied to same creativity to writing a sweet poem that bagged the couple two of our favourite wedding cinematographers, the fab Barefeet Videography, in a competition they ran (be sure to check out the video at the end of the post!). The style was modern meets bohemian, with a divine palette of pomegranate red, leafy green, and rose gold. I love the mix of clean, contemporary geometrics with more rustic elements, as well as the addition of rose gold safari animals as a nod to the couple’s love of the bushveld. And I LOVE the happiness in all Debbie Lourens‘ wonderful photos – not just between the high school sweethearts who became newlyweds, but among their family and friends as well. What a happy, pretty day.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Videographer with Barefeet Videography

In all the years I’ve been running SBB, there’s two words I often hear brides and grooms say in tones of regret: wedding video. Why? Well, it turns out some people don’t think they want one – at least, until they don’t have one. And then, once the flowers have died and the honeymoon tan has faded, and they’re trying to remember what it was the best man said that had everyone in tears, or a guest mentions this hilarious thing that happened while they were across the room and wouldn’t it be awesome if they had that on video, there’s that feeling of woulda shoulda coulda. But that’s not you, right? No! You’ve already planned to have the most awesome South African wedding video of all time, made by the most awesome South African wedding videographers ever, right? The only problem is, who are they? And how do you figure that out? Fortunately help is here, in the form of the very lovely Barefeet Videography team (who as you may have guessed, really are awesome). They’re sharing the five questions you must ask when choosing a wedding videographer, as well as their top wedding video tips along the way.

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Free Spirited Forest Wedding at Harmonie Proteas by Vicky Bergallo

Free Spirited Forest Wedding | Credit: Vicky Bergallo

One of the things I love about editing SouthBound Bride is that I get to hear the most amazing love stories from couples, many of whom come from completely different places, and it’s like the world conspires to somehow, through a series of events, have them meet and fall in love (what tells you I’m a huge romantic, eh?). Jaydene and David are one of these couples, whose unlikely meeting happened thanks to David’s Mormon mission to South Africa, and progressed in the old fashioned way through heartfelt correspondence while Jaydene was on her mission. Together at last, they celebrated the second day of their wedding weekend with family and friends in the proudly South African surroundings of Harmonie Proteas, where Jaydene and her mother built a boho fantasy forest setting for their vows and reception, using some of the bride’s favourite things. And goodness, but Jaydene made a gorgeous bride in her custom lace sleeve gown, wow! With bridesmaids also in lace and flower crowns, the perfect rustic setting, and these pretty pics by Vicky Bergallo, it was a day to remember!

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