Best of 2014: Stationery

Hello lovelies! We’re making another weekend house call to stop in and share some of the beautiful stationery that has graced the pages of SouthBound Bride this year. Being a paper aficionado (and designer) herself, Candice has been trawling through the archives to bring you fifteen stand-out stationery moments from both weddings and styled shoots, and featuring the work of some of our favourite SA talents, including Seven Swans, indieberries and Lezanne’s Designs (whose designs feature a fantastic three times in this countdown!). Over to you, Candice…

Glamorous Gold Art Deco

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Three Looks for Travel-themed Weddings

Hello lovelies! Hope you’re having a fab afternoon. As you read this, I’ll almost be at the end of my month off, and heading to SA – can’t wait, as always! So, since travel is the order of the day for me, I thought it was time to touch on travel-themed weddings again. The great thing about this theme is that it really doesn’t have to be a single look or style – it can really be incorporated into any wedding style or venue. To prove my point, I’ve put together three lovely palettes using three of my favourite travel-themed invitation suites. The looks are very different, from vintage to contemporary elegance to bright, fun pops of colour. Which is your favourite?

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Flowers in Season: Winter

Hello lovelies, hope you are having a fabulous Friday! You know, there’s a lot to be said for choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding. It’s cheaper, for one. And simpler, of course, than trying to source those flowers you really, really want and having to fly them in from goodness knows where. Not good for your eco karma. But the other thing is that the flowers of the season really do reflect that season, so you’re going to end up with beautiful, natural colours and textures appropriate for the month you get married. And every year, when you see those flowers again, you’ll remember the day you said ‘I do’. Of course, with most weddings in summer, this isn’t so much of a problem for many brides, but winter and early spring weddings are becoming more popular with brave South African brides, and fortunately there are some absolutely gorgeous and unique floral choices that you can make in June, July and August. So get ready to park your dream of peonies and fall in love with winter’s finest!

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Indieberries Invitations Sneak Peek

Today you can catch me guest posting over on Indieberries, one of my favey South African blogs, written by one of my favey South African bloggers. Yay for Che and Warren, who are getting married in just two weeks time! I’m sharing a word of advice and some of my adventures in bridesmaiding (hint: it includes at least one awkward entrance and a wedding cake disaster). And to celebrate, I have a little sneak peek of Che’s gorgeous handmade invitations – each like an individual package of awesomeness. She’ll be giving you the lowdown on these soon, so be sure to keep checking into Indieberries for the final product, and you can also get some seriously fantastic DIY advice from her Save the Dates post on SBB here. But for now, let’s just enjoy a hint of what her guests found in their letterboxes. Can I just say: how much are we looking forward to seeing her wedding??? Read More

A Bride Abroad #4: The Stationery

They say the Devil’s in the details. I love love love the details. If one looks carefully, it is precisely the little things that make a wedding unique. We all have a version of the usual formula: a dress, a ceremony, a reception and then dancing till the lights go out. A wedding wouldn’t really be a wedding without these things. But it’s the little bits of prettiness captured in the DIYs and personal touches that make people go WOW!

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Confessions of a DIY Bride #2: The Invitations

The invitations….that first tentative step into the deep-end of wedding planning, often happens before you know exactly what your (fully fabulous) Big Day vision looks like. Which, of course, makes picking the ‘right’ invitation even trickier!

We had the added stress of getting our invites out ASAP, as many of our guests needed to book flights, and organise annual leave. This is where the American tradition of a ‘Save the Date’ came in handy. With our date and venue set, and and inspired by the fact that most of our guests would be travelling from London to SA, we decided to base our Save the Dates on that London Underground staple – the Oyster card.

We tweaked the design (with apologies to TFL) and printed them straight onto magnetic paper (no really, it is a real thing – look here) at home on our shke-donky old inkjet printer, and mailed them out with the Christmas cards. This not only gave our cross-continental guests no excuse not to come, but also gave us breathing space to send out the invites closer to the day, once we had some idea of styles and themes.Read More

Watercolour Wedding Details

Good morning wedding belles! We’ll have another fabulous South African wedding on the blog this afternoon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some fresh inspiration. First there was the pastel trend, then ombre, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise that watercolour-style design has been one of the biggest trends to emerge in 2012. It’s everywhere, from gasp-inducingly beautiful invitations and other paper elements, to cakes, decor and even to bridesmaids dresses. It’s soft and romantic, and heart-stoppingly pretty. I know you’re going to love it.

Here’s a roundup of all my favourite watercolour details – look out in the credits for the DIYs and printables (in bold), as this is a look you can pull off on any budget!

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Love Story Wedding Invitations

**UPDATE** Find our roundup of 20 Adorable Love Story Wedding Invitations from Etsy here

Here’s a little trend I am weak at the knees for. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for romance, and maybe it’s just because I like to have something to read on my fridge, but I love the idea of sharing your love story with your guests as part of your invitation. It’s a great reminder of how it all began and what you’re getting together to celebrate, but more than that, from a design perspective, it’s the perfect marriage between sentiment and beautiful typography. Form and function. Goosebumps. As far as I know, it all started with this one – a totally original invitation dreamed up by New York designer Matt Dorfman for his own wedding.

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