Tropical Elegance Oyster Box Wedding by Just Judy {Claire & David}

Living in Durbs as I have been for the last while, I definitely have my favourite places and The Oyster Box in Umhlanga is right on that list. I think it’s the colonial-style decor (which I am total sucker for) or maybe the nostalgia I have for the area since my grandparents used to live there, but I’m never happier than when I’m sipping a cocktail at one of their elegant bars looking over the beach and the bright red striped lighthouse. So it’s always a pleasure to feature an Oyster Box wedding, and what I love most about Claire and David’s is that they totally embraced the venue’s design aesthetic and built on it, to create the most cohesive and elegant tropical classic. From the lush tropical flower arrangements to preppy touches like grey striped linens and Kelly-green bows, it’s chic and clean, and pairs beautifully with Claire’s super romantic bridal style. I mean, this dress. Be still my Vera Wang-obsessed little heart. One of SBB’s favourite photographers, the ever-lovely Just Judy, was there to capture all of this extreme pretty, and boy has she done herself proud. So get your Pinning fingers at the ready, and take it all in.Read More

Real Wedding at Arendsig {Mynderd & Charl}

Oh, the loveliness! I’m such a huge fan of fruit being used as part of wedding day florals (more on that next week) so when I saw Charl and Mynderd’s wedding over on Just Judy‘s blog, I immediately fell in love with it. What I didn’t realise at the time, was that it wasn’t just pretty, but a really personal detail, since Mynderd grew up on a fruit and wine farm – the same farm where the couple were married. How fun is that? Whatever the inspiration, I adore the combination of flowers and foliage and little bell jars housing pomegranates and other treasures – it’s autumn-ey botanical style heaven. As always, Judy’s pics really do the details justice – it was so hard to narrow down the selection!Read More

Real Wedding at Jan Harmsgat {Annali & Gerhard}

Okay, you all know by now that I love all things wedding (duh) but if there’s one mental image that’s going to immediately push the swoonage count up to the maximum, it’s the idea of an al fresco wedding, under the trees, on a beautiful summer afternoon in the winelands. I’m sort of drooling just thinking about it, except that I don’t actually drool because that would be totes unladylike. But you get the point. So that was what made me immediately fall in love with Annali and Gerhard’s wedding from the fab Just Judy. What I didn’t realise at the time was that they planned this gorgeous day in two months. Two months! Now, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but at the same time, it’s proof that it is possible. The key thing that Annali got right? Making quick decisions based on her personal taste, and not getting too hung up on colour schemes or themes. She trusted her gut, and it worked. As well as the outdoor reception under a sea of string lights (yep, swoonage happening again here), I loved that the couple used bushels of baby’s breath, which was absolutely perfect with the whole look, and easy to boot. Perfection!Read More

Real Wedding at Knysna Elephant Park {Caroline & Keith}

As a proudly South African wedding blog, one of the things I want SBB to do is to showcase the depth and breadth of awesome that getting married here in my lovely homeland offers. Sometimes, that includes something REALLY special and uniquely Saffa, and that’s what you’ll find in today’s wedding. It doesn’t get more African than having a herd of elephants among your guests (although, I should point out, for all the foreigners who think that we live in huts and ride to work on impalas, that this is a pretty unusual experience, even for us!). Keith and Caroline are two of our own, now living overseas, and they wanted a wedding that really honoured their heritage. They chose to get married at Knysna Elephant Park on the Garden Route, an extraordinary venue where the couple and guests can get up close and personal with the resident herd. I just love this idea, and what makes it even better is that the park makes such a valuable contribution to elephant conservation. Add in an intimate, close-knit family group, a pretty pink and pewter colour scheme, a wonderful photographer (Judy Stofberg of Just Judy) and a very happy bride and groom, and you have the loveliest of lovely South African weddings.Read More

Real Wedding at the Castle of Good Hope {Kerri & Russell}

What’s that expression about the best laid plans? Well, I had the BEST laid plans for you all this week, and one after another they’ve gone awry, largely due to the fact that we keep losing power (and then internet for hours afterwards) in my road. It’s driving me mental. Especially since I had not one but two posts almost lined up for you yesterday and another for today. BUT, patience is a virtue, and I’m doing a quick switcheroo and bringing you yesterday’s wedding today, and the other two posts next week. Bonus. Brushing all that annoyance off, I’m still SUPER excited to share this wedding with you, since it not only features a real Cape landmark but also a couple I know, which is always fun. I met Ker and Russ through my friend Belinda (one of the gorgeous bridesmaids in these pics), so I have been hearing all about this wedding from Day One. And when I saw the absolutely spectacular pictures that Judy Stofberg of Just Judy Photography had taken, I asked Kerri if I could feature their big day right here. Now castle weddings might be a dime a dozen here in the UK, but they’re a rarity down Africa way. The Castle of Good Hope, which is a wonderful historic choice as a venue, is actually the oldest colonial building in South Africa, and replaced a small fort built by Jan Van Riebeeck in the 1600s. It’s a real slice of South Africa’s cultural heritage, and just wait until you see the spectacular Cape views! I love how Kerri and Russell made the most of their venue with formal touches like the piper on the roof (seriously, how cool is that?) and the deep purple they chose as their accent colour. The great thing about choosing a backdrop like this is that you don’t need to go mental on the decor, just let your guests soak in the atmosphere.Read More

Real Wedding at La Petite Dauphine {Caro & Johan}

You know, normally when I introduce a wedding, I say a few words. I don’t know, maybe you all read them, maybe you don’t. And there’s a lot I could say about today’s pretty as a picture wedding. I could tell you about the pair of high school sweethearts glowing as they finally walked down the aisle. I could mention the gorgeous French-inspired venue (La Petite Dauphine, which I adore). I could say things like proteas and Parisian stripes and bunting and balloons, or go on about Judy Stofberg from Just Judy‘s awesome photos. But really, there are only two words I need to say to make you want to scroll on down immediately.


You’re WELCOME.Read More

Real Wedding in Matjiesfontein {Vasthi & Lourens}

Happy Friday, folks! You know, I see a lot of Victorian country vintage being in this industry at the moment. Some days, I think I may have seen every bit of vintage I may ever want to. And then I come across a wedding that embraces the olde look so beautifully that my love of lace is renewed. Today’s wedding is one of those. Vasthi and Lourens chose the romantic village of Matjiesfontein for their destination wedding, just two and a half hours from Cape Town, but about a hundred years back in time. The town has a fabulous history tied in with the railways, and is immediately evocative of colonial South Africa, so it was absolutely perfect for the vintage vibe they wanted to create. Look out for their mason jar candle invitations (LOVE 3D invites!) and some of my favourite country florals ever, not to mention the bride and groom’s outfits! Gorgeous. Images are by the wonderful Judy Stofberg of Just Judy Photography, and she has totally nailed the spirit of this wedding in her pictures, which to me is always the mark of a great photographer. Hope this makes your day, just as it has mine!Read More

Real Wedding at Oewerzicht {Sally & Neels}

I’m a relatively easy woman to please. At the end of the day, just give me a prawn Caesar salad and a glass of good chenin and I’m happy. On my birthday, I like anything at all that comes in a little blue box ;). And when it comes to weddings, a little bit of French country style and I’m in heaven. Today’s wedding has just the right amount of pink, pastelly goodness, but what I love most is that it shows you don’t need a crazy budget and tons of décor to pull this off, just a soft colour scheme, unifying elements like wire, ribbon and hanging bottles (oh, the hanging bottles! – be still my weddin’ lovin’ heart), great flowers and of course a DIY-tastic bride and groom with friends and family to help them. Sally and Neels were married at Oewerzicht near Greyton, and Judy Stofberg of Just Judy Photography was there to capture it all. Sit back and enjoy the pretty!

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Real Wedding at Morgansvlei {Sheyenne & Reynhard}

Details, details, details. I know I go on about them all the time, but really, it only takes one or two really lovely ones to engage the imaginations of your guests and make your wedding stand out (too many and it can just feel fussy). The clever use of detail is exactly what today’s wedding (photographed by the ever-fabulous Judy Stofberg of Just Judy Photography) manages, for me. Simple neutral colours and classy indigenous flower arrangements are set against floaty fabrics, beautiful metalwork and one of the best guest book ideas I’ve seen in a while (not to mention the perfect cheese cake). And how incredible does the bride look? She’s got that whole poised/elegant/serene/joyful Audrey Hepburn thing going on – seriously, this is how we all hope to look on our wedding day. In fact, I think poised/elegant/serene/joyful pretty much describes the whole wedding. Enjoy!Read More

Rustic Beach Wedding at Paternoster Lodge by Just Judy Photography

It’s back to the beach for today’s wedding, and what a gorgeous wedding it is! So many of my favourite elements – intimate beach setting, gazebo, proteas, CHEESE CAKE. (Oh, how I do love a cheese cake. They just add that something unexpected, and they’re so absolutely perfect for a couple who are not that excited by the idea of a sweet dessert. And this one was 100% DIY! Amazing.) But what’s even more impressive is that all of this coastal rustic goodness was pulled together by a bride and groom who were living in Shanghai, China, with all the challenges that organising a wedding long distance can bring. Kira and Jason, you guys did an amazing job! Thank you for sharing your day with us. And thank you also to the lovely Judy Stofberg of Just Judy Photography, who took these stunning photographs.

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