Candlelight Cellar Wedding at Groenrivier by Riekert Cloete {Karli & Divan}

I know photographers are going to hate me for saying this (because to be fair, they are a nightmare to photograph), but candlelight ceremonies like the one in today’s sweet DIY farm-style wedding are just dreamy! And even more so in a wine cellar (after all, what good thing does NOT come out of a wine cellar?). Just imagine it – exposed wooden beams, wrought iron chandeliers, stray leaves crunching underfoot and a cool Cape summer breeze just peeking under the door. It’s rustic romance at its finest. Of course, you don’t actually have to imagine it, because Riekert Cloete (one of our very own SBB Directory members) has captured Karli and Divan’s wedding for you in all its lace and burlap finery, including the most adorable little windmill motif that’s perfectly (and subtly) woven throughout.Read More

Intimate Boho Bright Garden Wedding by Riekert Cloete {Lise & Gary}

Back in the day when my mom and dad got married, there was none of this whole weekend, hundreds of people at your wedding thing going on. They had a morning wedding and a brunch in my grandparents’ garden. Me, I was a little girl when Princess Diana got married, and from then on, big weddings were the THING. So when I heard about my folks’ wedding, at first I just thought shame*. But I’ve got to tell you, as I’ve done this wedding blogging thing over the years, I’ve found a certain appeal in those intimate backyard/garden weddings. Something incredibly charming about celebrating this huge, momentous thing and then sitting down around a table small enough to talk to everyone there. How wonderful must that feel? Today’s couple opted for just this kind of wedding – in fact, it might be the most intimate wedding I’ve ever featured at just fourteen people including the bride and groom. But it is full of heart, and colour, and family and love. Not to mention all things bright and boho, and the most incredible vintagey dress. I adore every one of Riekert Cloete’s gorgeous photos, which really bring Lise and Gary’s big day to life. Oh, and their how-they-met story? Total Hollywood!Read More

After Dark Engagement Shoot by Riekert Cloete

I love engagement shoots with a little somethin’ somethin’ extra, especially when it results in sheer romance, as this unique night e-shoot from the fab Riekert Cloete does. With clever lighting, some fun after dark locations, and a loved-up bride and groom-to-be on board, it has that special magic that reminds me of a moonlit night or a sky full of stars.Read More

Real Wedding at Club Havana, Halfampieskraal {Marelize & Roelf}

There’s so much about this wedding I love. I could go on about the details or the venue (OMG the venue – a Havana-style cigar lounge in the middle of farm country? How cool is that?) or Riekert Cloete’s phenomenal photographs, but anything I write is just going to take away from what the bride has to say. At the end of the day folks, THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. It’s love. And I am just privileged to share it.

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Real Wedding at Diemersfontein {Tafadzwa & Ticha}

I’m loving how yellow is starting to pop up more regularly in weddings these days – it’s a colour that always make me feel so happy! It’s not always easy to get right, but today’s couple really show how it’s done, with little bursts of citrus yellow and orange colour against a neutral background. And somehow, with their sunny personalities, I can’t imagine them having chosen anything else. Can I also just say, how insanely gorgeous is the veil Tafadzwa’s rocking? And how happy do their friends and family look for them? Riekert Cloete is the man who’s managed to capture the spirit of this very gorgeous couple’s big day. Congrats, Ticha and Taffy – wishing you a bright and sunny life together!

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