Real Wedding at Collisheen Estate {Julia & Waylon}

Some days, I don’t feel like I have the words. After all, there are only so many ways to say ‘pretty’. Graceful, lovely, charming, fair. Today’s wedding is all of those things. It enters and floats across the stage like a blythe spirit, trailing beauty in its wake. There’s the dress, for one. I need about a dozen words for that alone, because it’s one of my favourites ever – and I still can’t believe that the radiant bride designed it herself and made it together with her mother. It is seriously spectacular (illusion lace, where have you been all my life?). Or the gorgeous reception, elegant but with personal touches like handmade napkins/tea towels, billows of baby’s breath, bridesmaids in blue. And of course the games aspect that the bride and groom added – such a sweet personal detail. Pretty definitely isn’t enough of a word to cover it, and yet pretty it is. Of course, I’m also in love with the talented Fiona Clair‘s gorgeous pics, that capture all the sweetness of this couple on their big day, and every soft and splendid moment. And I have some fab news to share (well, fab news for Cape brides anyway) – Fiona is relocating to Cape Town in early 2014, so KZN’s loss will definitely be your gain.Read More

Words as Wedding Decor

Cari Photography/The Aleit Group on SBB (left); Paige Lowe Photography/Sitting In A Tree via Green Wedding Shoes (centre); Tammy Horton Photography via Style Me Pretty (right)

Something that always amazes me about Pinterest – it being a visual medium – is that one of the most popular things people pin is quotes. Beautifully designed renderings of quotes, yes, but words. Pictures of words. It’s a little odd, right? But then, I get it. After all, I am, if nothing else, a words person. So here’s a quote for you, from Elie Wiesel: Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds. I like that quote. Because it reminds me that even though actions are important, sometimes words can be every bit as good. Like how, if I’m sick, I just have to call my mom and hear her say “I’m so sorry you’re sick, my darling” to feel better – those words are like a hug. Or how words can be a slap in the face, or a handshake, or a pat on the back. Sometimes they wrap around you like a blanket, or sweep you up like a conga line. And sometimes, when the action is as big as giving your whole heart to someone, you need words to share that with the people you love. So they can feel it with you. Which is all a totally poetic way of saying that today’s post is about words. As decor. It’s one of my top 10 trend predictions for 2013, and I officially love it!Read More