Supplier Spotlight: indieLoveBooks

Before we head out for the weekend, I just have to share one of my favourite new supplier finds. I say finds, but actually I have watched from this sidelines as this developed from the beginning, since the talented designer behind indieLoveBooks is Ché Dyer, the same talented personage behind the amazing blog and stationery brand, indieberries. I love Ché to bits as you probably know by now, and a while back I asked her to share the story of the super original guest book she made for her own wedding with my readers. The response was amazing – not surprisingly, you all wanted one of Ché’s fun keepsake creations for your own big day. She’s gone on to launch indieLoveBooks, a bespoke site dedicated to the guestbooks, with three different packages available to suit the number of your guests. Knowing Ché’s incredible passion for her work and attention to detail, I know why she already has had so many happy customers, and I asked her to tell us a bit more about indieLoveBooks as well as herself. Welcome back, Ché!Read More

Supplier Spotlight: Ladies & Gentlemen

As you all know, I love featuring fabulous South African suppliers, and here’s one I have been meaning to call out for a while, because every time I come across one of Ladies & Gentlemen‘s custom cake toppers I am all, yay adorable! Because they are. The idea is that, instead of plonking some cheesy plastic bride and groom on top of your cake (okay, nobody does that anymore right?) you can have a hand-carved pair that have been painted up to look like you and the hubs. And not just painted – what really gets me about these cake toppers is the detailing and effort that owner Alison Sutcliffe-Smit goes into in recreating the bride’s dress or the flowers in the bouquet, or even the couple’s dog! Tiny protea bouquets, intricate illusion lace back dresses, furry ears (on the dog, not the bride and groom, fortunately), veils, etc. They’re sure to charm your guests, and make a really sweet memento of your big day (at least until your future kids steal them to play Barbies/dinosaurs). In fact, speaking of kids, for couples who already have them I think this is a lovely way of including them on the cake, since you can get mini figurines customised to make up the family. To give you an idea of what Ladies & Gentlemen do, here’s three pretty cakes and their owners…

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Supplier Spotlight: Crimson Edge

Happy Friday, lovelies! And just enough time before you head off to your weekends to introduce you to two awesome ladies and their shop full of fun gifts for brides and wedding parties. Sam and Lee-Ann are the ladies behind Crimson Edge, an awesome Cape Town events company. They noticed a gap in the South African market for fun, quirky, contemporary bridal and bachelorette gifts and launched their online shop. What an awesome idea – this is something that has really been missing in the local market. Read More

Winter Gold {Plus DIY details + special offer}

You guys, I am doing such a happy dance as I post this feature today! It has been a long while coming, and I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. See, this isn’t just a beautiful shoot that someone sent me, I was actually there for this one. I saw it put together from scratch. I even helped make it happen a little. Not that it’s my shoot – ‘assisted’ is the key term here. All of this shimmery, wintery loveliness comes straight from the imagination of styling queen Louise Beukes of b.loved (how pretty must it be inside her mind?) as well as the lens of Liesl Cheney. It’s all about making your guests feel cozy while at the same time sweeping them up Narnia-style into a world of snowflakes and pinecones and sophisticated elegance. And now’s a good time for me to say how proud I am of everything Louise has achieved. A couple of years ago, she approached me as a SouthBound Bride herself, and told me she wanted to start a blog. I thought it was a great idea. Then she told me she wanted to be a stylist, and I thought that was an even better one. The result is not only daily eye candy on her fabulous blog, but a portfolio that is just busting at the seams with loveliness. This was one of her first shoots, so you can see she hit the ground running. Oh, and the reason we didn’t show it to you earlier? Only because it was too busy being featured in UK magazine You & Your Wedding.Read More

Supplier Spotlight: The Wedding Assistant {+ Free Printables!}

Good morning, friends! I have something truly lovely for you this morning. In my recent readers’ survey, one of the things that came through strongly was that while Cape Town brides are well catered for, some of you in other regions felt a little left out. Well, KZN brides rejoice: this morning I am sharing a fantastic product made especially for you. The Wedding Assistant is a handbag-friendly little gem that will not only become your wedding planner, but your scrapbook, your virtual maid of honour, and best friend. From décor themes, cakes and wedding stationery to venues, photographers and entertainment, you’ll find everything you need to arrange your perfect wedding day, and it makes the ideal Christmas or engagement gift for a friend. As well as fresh ideas, recommended local suppliers, handy planning tools and space to add your own notes, there’s even a real wedding section (because we like to look at ’em, don’t we?).Read More

Supplier Spotlight: Sessi Bee Ceramics Cake Toppers

I love discovering quirky new suppliers whose artistic vision can bring something new to your big day – something you might not even have dreamt up yourself (which is why I’ve been seriously jealous reading about Kamers and wishing I could have been there this year!). So as soon as lovely photographer Yolande Snyders introduced me to Sessi Bee Ceramics made by Capetonian Sarah Benjamin, I just knew I had to share her gorgeous work with you! The Sessi Bee look is bright and bold and humorous, and their cake toppers are maybe one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. Not to mention the bowls (which of course you could use for rings, table decor, etc.) – I am coveting them like mad and really, really want one! Yolande actually had two of the customised toppers for her wedding cake, and she has nothing but praise for Sarah’s work – you can also read a Q&A she did with her on the YSP blog.Read More

Supplier Spotlight: Tattyoo Temporary Art Tattoos


Favours. They’re kind of a pain, aren’t they? You want to give your guests a little something special, that reflects the design of your wedding, makes them feel special and appreciated, but doesn’t cost the earth. So you spend months making pots of jam following your grandmother’s recipe, and adding pretty lids and labels. Come the end of the night, half your guests have left them behind. So.Annoying. For that reason, I’ve become a big fan of favours guests can enjoy at the wedding itself or immediately afterwards, and today I have SUCH a cute one to share with you! I’ve seen temporary tattoo favours popping up in a few weddings over the last year, and I absolutely love them. Advantage one: they add something really fun and irreverent to proceedings, because they’re unexpected in a wedding context. Advantage two:  they make for awesome photographs. Advantage three: they’re relatively inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about your guests leaving them behind.Read More

Q&A with The Desert Rose Project

Hello friends! First of all, my apologies if you stopped in yesterday and found the site down. The bad news is, it was kind of a stressful day sorting that out. The good news is that the reason it all went pear-shaped is because so many of you have been stopping in to check out SouthBound Bride. You crashed the server, y’all! Which is actually a great problem to have. :) Anyway, I’ve made a few improvements, and the site should actually load a little faster for you now too. Thanks for your patience!

On to today’s feature. I am absolutely thrilled to bring this one to you, because it has everything I love. Friendship, entrepreneurship, art and passion for details, and some good old South African ubuntu. What first caught my eye about the Desert Rose Project was the gorgeous wire hangers that had started popping up in South African brides’ dress pictures, a local cousin to a trend that started across the pond, but with a unique African twist. I loved them, but I had no idea where they came from. Then I started working with Yolande Snyders, a Cape Town photographer and one of SBB’s friends and sponsors. I found out that Desert Rose is a joint initiative by Yolande and her friend Tendai, a local wire artist. Not only do I love what Tendai creates, but I was dying to know more of the story and how this unique partnership came about, so I sent over a set of questions to the pair of them, and I’m sharing their answers with you today. I know you’re going to feel as much enthusiasm for this initiative as I do, not to mention wanting your very own piece of Desert Rose art to add an extra something special to your getting ready pictures!Read More

SA Weddings Bride of the Year

This one’s for all you brides out there who are already married (ssh, I know you totally still read the blog, and I love you for it!). Every year, SA Weddings hosts a competition for Bride of the Year, which has been really popular with our readers (and featured brides). This year, the top prize is worth R50,000! Now there’s a nice start to your married life! There are also a bunch of other fab prizes up for grabs.

All you have to do to enter is:
1. Register on for free
2. Create your profile
3. Upload 20 of your wedding photographs as well as a profile picture
4. List your service providers, and
5. Tell us, and other brides about your big day by completing the ‘About our Wedding’ form.
6. Share your Entry Profile with friends, family members as well as on the Facebook Page and gather as many votes as possible. The bride with the most votes per month will continue to the finals hosted in 2013.

Time to start gathering those votes, ladies! For more information, please visit or alternatively contact Jana van der Spuy on 021 465 6310 or email her at [email protected].


Changing Your Surname {Book Extract from The Irreverent A-Z Wedding Guide: South Africa}


Changing your surname is, of course, a decision specific to the individual in question. You may love him with all your heart but becoming Mrs Bottom just isn’t going to happen. Or perhaps you are so excited about becoming Mrs Bottom – because you’re currently Ms Poo – that you’ve already started working on your new signature. The good news is there’s no time limit when changing your name, so if you’re not comfortable doing it just yet you don’t have to.

1. No change. You decide to remain Sandy Poo. No admin.
2. You take your husband’s name. You become Sandy Bottom. You need to change your name with all organisations. They will require photo ID and your marriage certificate to do this.
3. Hyphenate. Now you’re Sandy Poo-Bottom. Again, you need to tell all organisations you belong to, providing your ID and marriage certificate.
4. Adding husband’s name with no hyphen. Sandy Poo Bottom. As above.
5. Create a new name. Your husband agrees that Bottom just isn’t cutting it, for the sake of your unborn children. You create a new name together: Boo, say. In order to do this, you both need to go to a lawyer and have your name changed. Once that is done you need to change your name at all the organisations that you both belong to. Cue IDs, Home Affairs paperwork and marriage certificate. Hey, you’ve just organised a wedding; you can handle admin.Read More