Best of 2014: Groom & Groomsmen’s Style

Happy Friday, lovelies! And happy last-day-of-work for so many of you. Today we’re focusing on the boys, and you guys, this has DEFINITELY been the year when grooms have started to really hold their own in the fashion stakes. From coloured suits (in a good way!) to smart casual and casual looks for less formal weddings, and of course, original boutonnieres. And it’s also been the year of the bowtie in South Africa – a few years back I predicted these would be a huge trend and then noted it hadn’t happened, but apparently it just took our boys a little longer to fall in love with a look that many American grooms were already rocking. This year I have seen loads of bowties, and I love them! Another key look this year is the ‘country gentleman’ as I think of it – tweeds, flatcaps, and winter textures. All of these are included below, so let’s take a gander at our most stylish grooms!

Formal & Fabulous

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Real Wedding at Delsma Farm {Elmarie & Sakkie}

Today’s real wedding was a submission from the bride herself, the lovely Elmarie, who worked her pretty socks off to pull off the handmade vintagey country look for her big day. It’s all here: pastel painted faux milk glass vases, bunting, doilies, ribbons, flags and bunting. It’s like a Pinterest board come to life! I ADORE the bridesmaids’ dresses and even more so their bouquets – I just never get tired of these little wooden proteas as a truly South African floral alternative. But I think my favourite touch is the sheepies – the bride and groom come from farming backgrounds and they brought this in in such a cute way through both the boutonnieres and the table plan – such a simple but effective and memorable design! I have a feeling this one is going to have a  very high Pin count – enjoy!Read More

25 Unique Boutonnieres

Here on SBB we focus a lot on the bride and bridesmaids (sorry boys!) but of course our grooms are just as important to us, and we want them to be every bit as stylish as the ladies. And apart from a sharp suit, one great way to do this is through a fun boutonniere. Of course, I still LOVE floral bouts, but let’s be honest, not all guys are keen on them. And not just that, they can become an easy way to inject some comedy and personality into your groomsmen’s outfits, or continue a theme or motif. A couple of years ago, when bout alternatives became a thing, I did a roundup here on SBB which has been one of our most popular, and I thought it was high time that I did a little bit of a follow up. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are 25 fun and unique buttonhole ideas!Read More

Real Wedding at Providence {Keri & Andrew}

Are you ready… are you ready for love? Lordy, I’m clearly more than a little sleep deprived. I think I just quoted Elton John. Even so, it’s an appropriate question, since love is what you’ll find plenty of in today’s gorgeous real wedding. Love between the cute as anything bride and groom, love from their friends and family, and love-liness all over the place in their design and decor. You may remember me mentioning Keri and Andrew’s story last week, when I featured their engagement shoot (so cute) – after helping Keri out with an inspiration board I was dying to see how it all turned out and couldn’t wait to see Eileen Laubscher of Bright Girl‘s fantastic photos. Well, they were even better than I’d imagined – a rustic French-inspired palette with a handmade feel and very personal touches (LOVE those cow table plans!). Keri looked absolutely beautiful and natural, her groom seriously dapper, and I’m a sucker for her stylish mismatched navy bridesmaids’ look, especially in their fun shades! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Keri’s own blog, Midlands Musings – she’s a rising star in the SA blog scene, and you’ll soon be a fan ;)Read More

Guest Post: Buttonholes and Corsages

Happy Friday, my friends – bet you’re all just as pleased as I am to see the weekend arrive! But first we have some prettiness to share (and pop back in a couple of hours for this week’s Love List too). The lovely Coral and Chantell from Green Goddess Flower Studio in Cape Town are here today to share some advice about buttonholes and corsages – little details which can easily be overlooked by a busy bride but which I know that as a wedding blogger I always notice! It always seems such a shame to be when a bride has an absolutely spectacular and original bouquet, and then the groom and all his boys are sporting a lonely rose or a droopy carnation. Take the opportunity to dandy him up a bit with something a bit special. Over to you, ladies!


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DIY: Sheet Music Roses

I’ll be back with a completely ADORABLE wedding later today, but first off this morning you can catch me guest posting on the Indian wedding blog, Unreal Bride. The fabulous Kismet, who produces fresh wedding inspiration every week in her Thursday Thoughts series (amongst other loveliness), saw this DIY in our November Cap Classique newsletter and asked to share it with her readers, and I was only too happy to oblige! Head over to learn how to make these beauties (and stay to check out the rest of Kismet’s wonderful blog!)



25 Fun & Fresh Boutonnieres

When I started blogging, there were some wedding details I already knew I loved. Others have kinda snuck up on me and forced me to fall in love with them – none more so than boutonnieres. But who can blame me? Ten years ago they were pretty standard and uninspiring, and now they’re yet another opportunity for a couple (and especially a groom) to stamp a bit of personality on the wedding. While I adore flowers, I also love the fact that other materials are now commonly being used, including feathers, buttons, berries and even fun miniatures. These cheeky little statements can really inject some fun into proceedings (and appease the groom who doesn’t want to wear a flower on his lapel.) I see examples I love all the time (and I’m pretty sure this will be a repeat feature!) but for now, here are 25 that made me go ‘ooooh!’

Classic… with a twist
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Sheet Music Wedding Details

Hot on the heels of the book trend comes another piece of paper awesomeness that you can DIY. Sheet music makes the most gorgeous, subtle accent for just about any kind of wedding – it works perfectly with vintage, adds whimsy to formal and can be used cheekily for a modern celebration if you pick your song sheets wisely. And what better way to celebrate your shared love of music? In fact, who can live without it, I ask in all honesty? (And yes, I totally just quoted ABBA).

My favourites? The boutonniere and the pinwheels, which are small enough to be cupcake toppers and omigod the cutest things EVER. I want them. So here they are, along with some other delicious eye candy that’ll have you hitting the high notes. (Sorry.)

Which are your favourites?

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Succulent lurve

There are floral trends… and then there are floral trends. Of all the ones that have sprung up in the last few years, succulents have to be one of my favourites. They’re relatively inexpensive and lend themselves to DIY because they can be prepared beforehand, they’re neutral enough to be mixed in with a range of styles and palettes, and best of all, there’s something kind of kooky and unexpected but incredibly pretty about them. Safe to say, this is one trend that isn’t going anywhere! So here are some of my absolute favourites from around the web to inspire you.

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