White Bridesmaid Dresses

Oh yes I did just get back on that Royal Wedding trends bandwagon. But you can’t blame me can you, because you just KNOW that after Pippa Middleton showed up in that dress, brides around the world were thinking “hmm, maybe I should have my bridesmaids in white too”… 2011 is definitely going to be the year where this particular taboo becomes history once and for all (although, for the record, if you’re a guest and you wear white you’re still an asshat). Just wait until you see the gorgeous white bridesmaid dress inspiration I have lined up for you!

Aren’t they gorgey? So crisp and light and summery. You could choose them for a beach wedding, or an elegant vineyard soiree or even (possibly with the addition of a sash) for a chic ballroom do. What I think works best about them (and no doubt the very reason Ms Middleton picked white as her colour, as have her royal predecessors), is that if you don’t want to have a theme colour for your wedding, white dresses give you a perfectly clean palette. Which I suppose is the exact reason not to use them if colour is your thing (unless of course you’re the bride in the bright and colourful dress!).

Now if you’re thinking of heading down this route, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • You’re probably going to hit some resistance from your bridesmaids. Not just because it’s unusual but because white can be a little intimidating to wear, especially for some skin tones. If your bridesmaids tend toward the pale, you might want to offer to all go to a salon together so your maids can also rock Pippa’s L’Orange look themselves (I know, it should be Essex but it worked, right?). Also bear in mind different figure types when picking out your dresses – even more important in an unforgiving neutral.
  • You may also get some resistance from older generations, for whom the ‘only the bride wears white’ mentality is pretty ingrained. Tell them it’s good luck (going back to Roman tradition) and that if it’s good enough for the Royals, it’s good enough for you. (Cheers for the comeback, Kate!)
  • Most importantly, you really want to make sure you stand out and the best way to do this is to wear a veil. No missing who the bride is there. Short dresses for your bridesmaids are equally effective, and you could also consider bold, colourful jewellery or shoes on your maids, or a large, colourful bouquet for you.

Are you thinking of following this trend? How will you do it?


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