Trend Alert: Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Wildflower Gown by Natalie Wynn Bridal

It’s official, embroidered wedding dresses are officially a thing! The runways at NY Bridal Week were full of them, with an especial leaning towards embroidered floral dresses. And I have to say, I personally love this look. It adds a special handmade element to any gown, as well as a touch of colour, and something unique. Perfect for a bold bride who wants something a little different, or a boho bride who loves a bit of a folksy feel. Etsy has also reported a surge in search for the term ‘embroidered bridalwear‘ too, and in researching this trend, I found it was one of the best places to source gorgeous embroidered dresses. So of course I had to round up my faves, from Etsy and beyond (including a couple of designer formal dresses that could easily double as alternative bridalwear). And if you love the look but want something more traditional for yourself, I’ve included a roundup for embroidered bridesmaid dresses at the end too!
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Transparent Wedding Signage

Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign by alongthelinesdesign

Transparent signage is nothing new to South African weddings – we’ve been rocking our perspex for a few years now, but that doesn’t make me love the see-through wedding signs that are trending for 2018 any less! It’s the perfect marriage of modern and contemporary with… well, whatever you want really. Add flowers, and it’s the perfect complement to organic or botanical styles. Adorn with foliage and hang on a tree and it’s rustic. Tropical greenery and it’s perfect for a beach wedding. Add white calligraphy and you’re good for a romantic or elegant wedding, gold and you’re immediately glam. Pretty much whatever your wedding style, this is one detail that will be right at home. And you’ll find loads of lovely acrylic wedding signs on Etsy, so of course I just had to round up my faves! * Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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Romantic Iridescent Wedding Inspiration

I have been SO excited to share this shoot with you! Because with iridescence one of 2018’s biggest wedding trends, I’ve been seeing it a lot, but this luminous styled editorial from photographer Jessica Notelo and a talented styling team is hands down the prettiest take I’ve seen on it yet. From tables to flowers to stationery to cake to macarons (seriously, iridescent macarons you guys!), it’s like a beautiful iridescent dream. And what’s so clever about the look for me is that, instead of just incorporating iridescent elements, the whole shoot is a bringing-to-life of the spectrum, with soft florals in pink and purple and white, romantic fabrics, and elements of both base matte grey and sparkling shine to bookmark the pastels. Cohesive, dreamy and bang on-trend. If this doesn’t make you fall in love with the iridescent look, then nothing will. Let’s get inspired!

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2018 Wedding Trends

Welcome, friends! It’s back to work for me today, and I’m kicking off our 2018 editorial programme with our traditional post rounding up the Top 10 trends of 2018. In years past, we’ve nailed many of the trends that are now so very familiar, and it’s always fun to look back and see a progression. This year is no exception! There are some really lovely trends coming through from the worlds of fashion, design, and interiors that we’ll be seeing all over the place in weddings. So let’s get started – and let’s get excited! Here are my predictions – find one or two that resonate with you, and then add your own twist to make them all yours. (This post contains some affiliate links, marked in bold. SBB may receive a commission on any sales.)

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Millennial Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

There’s no more classic look for bridesmaids than pink gowns, especially now that long bridesmaid dresses are so en vogue. Millennial pink is the colour of the moment, which makes this the perfect time to choose this classic pink, a few shades up from blush and yet still soft enough to be a pastel, for your girls. As always, we’ve rounded up some real wedding inspiration for you, along with a shopping guide so you can get the dusty rose bridesmaid dress look for yourself.
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How to Style the White Bridesmaid Dress Trend

*Updated for 2018*  It’s official: the white bridesmaid dress trend started by Kate and William at their royal wedding is here to stay. Ever since Pippa Middleton showed up in that dress, and brides around the world started thinking “hmm, maybe I should have my bridesmaids in white too” – well, this particular taboo became history once and for all (although, for the record, if you’re a guest and you wear white you’re still an asshat). And yes, your granny might disapprove. But once she sees how beautiful your crew looks… well, I think she’ll come around. Whether it’s a beach wedding or an elegant vineyard soiree, they look crisp and classic (and give you a perfectly clean palette). Need some extra convincing yourself? Just take a look at this roundup of lovely bridal parties. And then check out our top tips for styling the white bridesmaid dress trend so that the bride still stands out, as you should!
This post contains affiliate links. SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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