A Day at the Nursery Engagement Shoot

Two things about this couple shoot that have made me ampedissimo. First, it is SUPER sweet – a romantic couple (Ashley & Wilsey) taking a stroll through Petersham Nurseries. And secondly, it is captured by the awesome Anneli Marinovich, who I have been looking forward to featuring here on SBB for a while. Yay! Seriously though, I see a lot of engagement shoots, and the ones that stand out often are those that show a couple doing something they love to do, or in an unusual location. This ticks both of those boxes, and the background of plants and greenhouses is so lovely, don’t you think?

Here’s the lowdown on how Ashley and Wilsey met and agreed to marry…
We met through friends – surely the best way? The friendship grew before the romance did, but I remember the day the penny dropped and I realised I actually had a thing for him. We’ve been together for a long time since – eight years already. He was very sweet to propose on a trip whilst visiting my family in the States, so my Granny and everyone felt very involved, which meant a lot to me. The proposal itself was on the top deck of a ferry, perfect at just past midnight one October evening. He proposed with a stunning aquamarine, encircled by diamonds, that had been his Great Grandma’s. It took a good few minutes for it to sink in what was actually going on, followed by a night of calls back to the UK where his family were awaiting the news!

Congratulations Ashley & Wilsey (who have since tied the knot – you can see Anneli’s coverage of their gorgeous wedding on her blog)!

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