Ruby Bride #1: Meet Our Ruby Bride

Time to meet the second of our 2013/2014 RLBs (for now), the very lovely Jerusha. I was so thrilled when Jerusha applied to be a RLB – I have known her as a blogger on Twitter for a while, and I can’t wait to hear all about her wedding plans! It’s going to be such a joyous, multi-cultural celebration. My favourite. Time for you to meet her too, and get a little taster for what’s been inspiring her wedding design. Here she is, our Ruby Bride.

I remember the very first time I saw Gideon Raath. It was the world’s least romantic setting. We were 16 (me) and 17 (him) years old and met at… church. I know. We hit it off immediately and became fast friends, but nothing more. I could never have imagined that nine years later he’d get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife. Although, at the time, I did notice his eyes were the most mesmerizing shade of green. And, just this year, his father told me Gideon had gone home that night and told his dad he’d met “the most amazing girl.” Aww.

Early this year, after a few years of dating (and a couple of disastrous years of long-distance dating; a story for another time…) Gideon asked if I wanted to have a look at precious stones, “just for fun”. I fell in love with a big, shiny almost-flawless ruby and four beautiful marquise diamonds. He convinced me the ruby was too expensive, and that an actual engagement was a very, very long way off.

Not a month later, after spending a wonderful day together in Franschhoek, Gideon brought me home to my candle (and champagne!) filled apartment and asked me to marry him. With the ruby and diamond ring. I ugly cried so much, I couldn’t get a word out. An hour later he asked “you said ‘yes’, right?”

Although we’re from Jo’burg we both live in the Cape now. We’re getting married back home in Johannesburg and, so, are in the throes of cross-country wedding planning. I’m a journalist and Gideon is an environmental scientist. He’s Afrikaans and I’m — well — not. We are very, very different. Things are always interesting.

I’ve always had an idea of what I want my wedding to look like: classic white and cream. Gideon’s only concern is that there be NO bright pink. We’ve settled on white, cream and blush; soft, open flowers and touches of lace. And teacups. Lots of teacups, I love teacups. I know, I’m a walking stereotype but – what the heck! – if you can’t do what you want on your wedding day, when can you? Am I right?

Here’s a quick look at what has been inspiring me:

Inspiration credits: Fleur (top left); Desmond Louw& Antonia Heil/Prickly Pear Creations via The Pretty Blog (top right); via Belle the Magazine (bottom left); Andrew JR Squires Photography via Rock ‘n Roll Bride (bottom right)


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