The Ruby Bride’s EnGedi Wedding by Lad & Lass Photography {Jerusha & Gideon}

I’ve just adored meeting our Real Life Brides this season, haven’t you? Jerusha, our Ruby Bride, always made me laugh with her hilarious take on wedding planning, and I knew that when it came to the day she married her beloved Gideon, that humour would be firmly in place, come what may. Fortunately, it was smooth sailing – a beautiful Gauteng day, a joining of two families, and a massive celebration of friendship and love. Jerusha made such a stunning bride – she’s so elegant and poised, like a ballerina, and her gorgeous lace dress was perfection. And of course, she rocked red lipstick and ruby nails! The tablescapes dotted with teacup candles were the perfect complement to the watercolour stationery design, and I love the bridesmaids’ lace cap sleeve dresses, but what really stands out in Lad and Lass‘s incredible photos is the Moments. Those memories that really make a wedding day what it is – the rest is just (very pretty) window dressing. From the look Jerusha shared with her dad as they prepared to walk down the aisle, to a bridesmaid dance party, to the newlyweds laughing together, they’ve captured them all, and I can’t but finish this post with a huge smile on my face. Congrats Jerusha and Gideon!Read More

Ruby Bride #7: The Suppliers

The thought of writing about my wedding suppliers is truly overwhelming because I have really been surrounded by amazing, creative professionals through this whole process. So far – not a single hiccough with any vendors. *knocks on wood.*

My dress, cake and flowers are works of genius from friends who aren’t full-time wedding vendors. In fact, our florist works full time for Eskom in a very technical, scientific job! I’m so grateful for the love they’ve put into the wedding.

Of course, we’ve enlisted the services of full-time wedding professionals too. Here are some of the clever people who’ve been involved:

Photography: Lad and Lass Photography
As a long-time follower of Emma-Jane Harbour’s blog, I didn’t look very far for a wedding photographer. I just love the husband-and-wife duo’s style. It’s unpretentious and – most importantly – not too contrived. In the photographs I’ve seen, they’ve captured the little moments that make up a wedding: stolen kisses and quirky faces. To say I am excited to have them photograph our wedding is a total understatement.

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Ruby Bride #6: The Ceremony

Can you believe it, friends – our Ruby Bride’s wedding is coming up this weekend! How quickly did that go? So we’re having a whole afternoon with Jerusha on the blog this afternoon, before we send her off into married life with all of our love and best wishes!


If we’re being perfectly honest, my fiancé and I are old people trapped in the bodies of twenty-somethings. We love a good old fashioned church service and would choose hymns written in the 1800s over pop music most days. When it came to choosing what our ceremony would look like, that was easy: a traditional church wedding complete with excerpts from the Church of England Prayer Book. It may seem old-school, but it’s meaningful to us and we figure that’s what it’s all about.

Many people are surprised to learn we’ve decided not to write our own vows either. It’s not because we don’t want to say things that are heartfelt and special to one another on the day (we do!) it’s just because we feel the “traditional” vows say things perfectly; much better than we could ever do anyway.

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Ruby Bride #4: Marriage Decisions

I’m getting married in a month and, I’ll be honest, I’m nervous.

It’s not that I’ve got cold feet. Quite the opposite! I’m so ready to marry this phenomenal man of mine. It’s just that my only lifelong commitment so far has been my legal obligation to pay my TV Licence. This is a much bigger step!

Gideon and I have been fortunate to attend of series of pre-marital counselling sessions with our church. I’m grateful for the lessons we’ve learned through these sessions from wiser couples who have been married many happy years. Lessons like the importance of making decisions together and being an attentive listener.

Despite these lessons, there are some things we need to figure out ourselves, on our own terms. Since the day we got engaged there’s a particular topic I’ve struggled with: the surname change.Read More

Ruby Bride #3: The Stationery

Choosing our wedding stationery was daunting. The fonts! The illustrations! The envelopes! There were so many beautiful options; I had no idea where to turn. All I knew was this: we wanted something simple and beautiful.

Gideon’s dad is a hard-core corporate lawyer by day who paints stunning watercolours in his spare time and, because we both love watercolour pieces, we asked his dad to paint us a wreath to use in our wedding design. He did a stellar job and I did a quick DIY-design for our Save the Dates, which we emailed.

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Ruby Bride #2: The Accessories

My wedding shoes are killing me.

They’re gold, glittery, sky-high and were bought on a complete whim at the Oriental Plaza in Jo’burg. I realise now, this isn’t the best way to buy bridal accessories but – good heavens – they are pretty. Pretty and painful.

I always knew I wanted minimal, classic wedding accessories. My dress features really beautiful lace and I didn’t want to distract from my dress design with over-the-top accessories. I’ve chosen to wear just my mother’s pearl earrings (something borrowed) and my grandmother’s wedding ring (something old) that I inherited years ago and have worn every day since.

Inspiration images: Anna Campbell via One Fab Day (left); This Modern Romance via Before the Big Day (top right); Nikki Meyer/Elbeth Gillis (bottom right)

I’m really happy with the jewellery decisions but I started to have second thoughts because, well, I like shiny things. I love glitter! And while my neutral white-and-blush wedding isn’t the best time to embrace my love of ALL THE THINGS THAT SPARKLE, I couldn’t shake the feeling something was… missing.

My mom and I were trawling the Oriental Plaza for traditional Indian jewellery for our rehearsal dinner when I spotted them: killer, gold, sparkly heels. I tried them on, they pinched a little, but I bought them anyway.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love my wedding shoes. Love them! They add the perfect amount of sparkle to my otherwise classic outfit.

Shoe inspiration: Sarah Kate via Wed Society

But I feel a little stuck: should I go ahead and murder my feet in the prettiest shoes ever (I won’t be the first bride to kick off her shoes come 10pm) or should I find a sensible pair of shoes I’m not mad about and spare myself the pain? What do you recommend? Seriously, I need some help.

(We’d love to hear your advice for Jerusha – leave her some of your tips in the comments!)

The series so far: The Proposal


Ruby Bride #1: Meet Our Ruby Bride

Time to meet the second of our 2013/2014 RLBs (for now), the very lovely Jerusha. I was so thrilled when Jerusha applied to be a RLB – I have known her as a blogger on Twitter for a while, and I can’t wait to hear all about her wedding plans! It’s going to be such a joyous, multi-cultural celebration. My favourite. Time for you to meet her too, and get a little taster for what’s been inspiring her wedding design. Here she is, our Ruby Bride.

I remember the very first time I saw Gideon Raath. It was the world’s least romantic setting. We were 16 (me) and 17 (him) years old and met at… church. I know. We hit it off immediately and became fast friends, but nothing more. I could never have imagined that nine years later he’d get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife. Although, at the time, I did notice his eyes were the most mesmerizing shade of green. And, just this year, his father told me Gideon had gone home that night and told his dad he’d met “the most amazing girl.” Aww.

Early this year, after a few years of dating (and a couple of disastrous years of long-distance dating; a story for another time…) Gideon asked if I wanted to have a look at precious stones, “just for fun”. I fell in love with a big, shiny almost-flawless ruby and four beautiful marquise diamonds. He convinced me the ruby was too expensive, and that an actual engagement was a very, very long way off.

Not a month later, after spending a wonderful day together in Franschhoek, Gideon brought me home to my candle (and champagne!) filled apartment and asked me to marry him. With the ruby and diamond ring. I ugly cried so much, I couldn’t get a word out. An hour later he asked “you said ‘yes’, right?”

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