A Bride Abroad #6: The Photography

Whenever I chat to someone who’s been in a lengthy, happy marriage about their wedding day they get this little sparkle in their eyes and as they are taken back to that special day they reach for their wedding album. Then starts the trip down memory lane – the dress, the food, the “oh look how so-and-so looked back then”, the fond memories and small details….it’s all there in the pictures.

No matter what anyone says, a good wedding photographer is a must. It’s a long-term investment, so to speak. We spend months planning our weddings… going through the intricacies of the ceremony, paying attention to every small detail, worrying about whether the guests will enjoy themselves, dreaming about the dress. And then comes the big day and WHOOOSH it’s all over in a flash. When your recollection starts to fail you and the details become a little fuzzy, you can relive it all by flipping through the pictures that were taken on the day. For some, their wedding photos are a concrete reminder of the vows they made, hanging in their homes, a reminder of those vows’ significance.

Choosing your wedding photographer is probably one of the most important decisions you have to make during your planning. The pictures depict not only the physical memories, such as what your flowers looked like or which dress you wore, but also the emotions involved… a father hugging his daughter with tears in his eyes, a grandmother affectionately squeezing the groom’s hand, that knowing look between loved ones. It’s these expressions of love captured in an album that bring back all the fond moments you tend to forget as time goes by.

Desmond and Antonia of dna photographers caught my attention immediately. Posed pictures have their place, but the documentary approach they take strikes a good balance between covering the details of the wedding and portraying the love, emotion and happiness of the people involved. The fact that they’re also a SA/German couple was an extra bonus!

All images in this post by dna photographers

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