Chic Vineyard Wedding at Molenvliet by DNA Photographers {Ana & Dylan}

I took one look at today’s wedding and thought: crazy beautiful. And sure, that could sum up the bride, the groom – and all of their glamorous guests. It could refer to Ana’s insanely gorgeous Galia Lahav gown (that back!), the elegant pastel decor by Evention, or the genteel vineyard setting of Molenvliet. It could definitely describe the pics by DNA Photographers. But as it always does with me, it’s the joy and the love that really surpass everything else – the love at first sight meeting, the smiles of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the guests dancing their hearts out against a backdrop of twinkly lights. Beautiful indeed.Read More

Gin & Glam Fynbos Estate Wedding by dna photographers {Robyn & Grant}

Rustic, chic, jazzy, intimate, beautiful, fun… I don’t even know where to start with this wedding, I love it so much. Okay, scratch that, I do. THE DRESS. Seriously, how gorgeous is Robyn’s lace feature back creation (dreamed up by the fashionista bride herself), especially topped off with a shiny gold belt that makes it unlike any wedding dress I’ve featured (or seen, actually) before? Huge wow factor. And speaking of wow factors, let’s talk about the gin bar that Robyn and Grant set up as a way of sharing some of their London lifestyle with friends back home. Amazing (and personal, win). And those are just two aspects of a wedding that really takes rustic glamour to the next level – equal parts elegant and laid back, it’s the kind of garden party I imagine people throwing in the ’20s, with a touch of both France (where the groom proposed) and home, including lovely arrangements of fynbos and herbs. Look out for a hundred perfect little details – flowers frozen into ice cubes, table numbers in lace embroidery hoops, mason jar lanterns, mix and match bow ties. And let’s not leave out the gorgeous pictures by dynamic duo Toni and Desmond of dna photographers, who so beautifully captured everything on camera. Hooray for all of it.Read More

Real Wedding at Rockhaven {Liana & Chris}

It’s a very special day here on SouthBound Bride when we get to share the wedding of one of our friends, and I feel like that’s what today’s bride has become. Not just to me, but to all of us who have followed along with her story through our Real Life Bride series. Liana’s been our ‘bride abroad’, planning her South African wedding from Europe as so many of you do, gathering inspiration from some of our home country’s top suppliers and dreaming up the perfect mix of rustic and classic wedding loveliness. I’ve been dying to see her beautiful pictures from the fab dna photographers – they were just as heartfelt and lovely as I was expecting, and now I finally get to share them with you! Vair, vair exciting. So here we go! And just in case you missed any of it, you can follow Liana’s complete wedding journey right here.Read More

Real Wedding at Grand Dedale {Christina & Marc}

Real wedding time! And boy, am I excited to share this one. It’s so beautiful, with a perfect blend of elegance and rustic goodness, it’s like one of my favourite inspiration boards come to life. And come to life it did, with smiles and infectious laughter, gorgeous flowers and a bevvy of mini bridesmaids. This is the kind of wedding that really shows off what our winelands are about, and why they’re such a sought-after wedding destination, year after year. Plus, the bride (whose nickname is Bubbles – you can’t NOT like someone with such a cute name) is a total rockstar – for her hen night she dressed up as a SuperWife and paraglided off Lion’s Head! Kind of appropriate though, since she was marrying a stuntman. But back to the wedding, in all its loveliness. Desmond and Toni of dna photographers were there to capture every special moment, every drop of sunshine, and a spectacular ‘first kiss’!Read More

A Bride Abroad #6: The Photography

Whenever I chat to someone who’s been in a lengthy, happy marriage about their wedding day they get this little sparkle in their eyes and as they are taken back to that special day they reach for their wedding album. Then starts the trip down memory lane – the dress, the food, the “oh look how so-and-so looked back then”, the fond memories and small details….it’s all there in the pictures.

Read More

Real Wedding at The Grand {Barbara & Michael}

So. When I was about 15, my friend Marcelle threw a great big birthday party at an abandoned house on her family’s farm. There was drinking, and laughing, and Green Day’s Dookie on repeat, but what I remember most was that her high school friends were very much the cool kids from the cool school. I was so intimidated, I don’t think I spoke to anyone all night. Well, some weddings… some weddings are like hanging out at the cool table. Couples that seem so impossibly stylish, their wedding seems to come from a magazine. Today’s is one of those – Barbara and Michael (and their guests) could have been plucked from the pages of Vogue, as could their stunning, atmospheric photographs from dna photographers. But if you look beyond the über-stylish venue (love me that Grand), the to-die-for views of the Cape coast from Granger Bay, and Barbara’s incredible blush lace and corset dress, there’s a sweetness and carefree spirit at the heart of this wedding that perfectly reflects the Cape Town atmosphere. It’s city chic meets coastal class, and I for one could look at it all day. Ah, la dolce vita!Read More