Romantic Country-Chic Wedding at Orchards by Crystal Malloy {Julia & Geoff}

Don’t you just hate people who tell you that rain on your wedding day is a blessing? Because, come on, everyone’s hoping for a dry day for their nuptials (even if it is lucky). But here’s what I can honestly say from both personal experience and featuring hundreds of weddings on the blog: some of the best weddings happen on the days that the heavens open. I don’t know if it’s the fun photo oppportunities or the feeling of intimacy that develops, or maybe it’s just a bit of devil-may-care attitude that creeps in when the best laid plans have to be abandoned and everyone just relaxes and remembers what really matters. Whatever it is, I’m a fan, and today’s wedding just goes to prove my point. While Julia and Geoff didn’t have a downpour, there was enough of a spatter to get the umbrellas out and create that beautiful cold, clear light that rain brings with it, which streamed in through the windows at their ceremony, and made their country chic decor at their reception in shades of pink, purple, coral and red look even more pretty and inviting. I love the colourful touches that make it all work together, from the stunning bouquet to the berry-shaded bridesmaid dresses, and every lovely moment was captured to perfection by Crystal Malloy. We don’t have the bride’s words to share today, so instead let’s just sit back and let the pictures tell the story themselves.

A bit of background from Crystal:
Geoff and Julia’s wedding was soft, elegant, and absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite moments of the day was when Julia’s little brother Chris came in to the bridal suite to escort her down the aisle. His reaction brought me to tears, his genuine love and admiration for his sister was precious and moving. I was so excited to be able to share in their day!

You can see more from this wedding on Crystal Malloy’s blog.

Photography: Crystal Malloy Photography | Venue: Orchards Wedding Venue | Flowers: The Flower Shed | Cake: Murphy’s Bakery | Caterer: Margie from Fat Aubergine | Hair: Lauren Holland | Make-up: Cassandra Cottrell | DJ: The Wedding DJ


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