Wedding Planning: Where to Start

Where to Start with Wedding Planning | SouthBound Bride

You’re engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! This is such a crazy, exciting time in your life, and an experience that you’ll never forget. But once the ring selfies have been taken and the parents (and the friends, and the distant cousins once removed) have been called, once the Facebook statuses have been changed and the champagne bottles emptied, there’s an inevitable moment of panic. OMGwehavetoplanawedding! Ack! How on earth, you think, do we do this? And more importantly, where do you start? Well brideys (and groomeys), we have you covered. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 until you have read this checklist for the newly engaged – ten things to get you firmly on track with your wedding planning journey. And also… BREATHE…

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Dreamy Spring Film Engagement

One of the things  haven’t spoken about so much this month of Fine Art Weddings is photography, and TBH that’s a bit of an oversight, because so much of this style comes from the whole movement of fine art wedding photography, and the stylists who regularly work with the pioneers of that style and have together created this new trend in wedding design. And after all, there’s no point in putting all that effort into styling your big day if you’re not going to get it photographed by someone who ‘gets it’. Think Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, Jen Huang. That dreamy, ethereal look they are known for has a lot to do with the fact that they shoot on film, and while this is nothing new, it’s taken a while for film to make its way to SA weddings for various reasons. But over the last year or two, I’ve seen it offered more and more, and it makes my little heart so happy. Of course, film is more expensive, and digital work can be just as lovely, but I’m so glad that couples who love this look now have more options in terms of being able to choose it (most photographers who offer this as part of their wedding package shoot a combo of film and digital). One of my favourite local photographers in general, and on film in particular, is Rensche Mari. A few weeks back we featured Luan & Marné’s wedding, which she captured beautifully, and today we get to share their engagement shoot, which also happens to be all film! So you’ll get to see a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The idea is simple – an outdoor picnic, a walk among the willows. But through Rensche’s lens, it takes on a truly magical quality. Sigh!

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20 Fun & Sweet Engagement Cards

‘You Two Weirdos’ Engagement Card by Beccy Kitty Designs

We’re finishing off our week with some fun ideas for engagement cards – after all, if you’re getting engaged, chances are a few of your friends are too! I personally really struggle to find nice cards for weddings and engagements – it seems like they’re always WAY too cheesy for my taste, and I just end up feeling silly giving them to someone who knows that’s not my style, but at the same time, you totally want to show you care (and a card with a wedding gift is essential – nothing worse than being the bride who has to phone round your friends saying “was it you who gave us the breadmaker?”). So this is another time when my fave shop spot Etsy comes into play, because as you can imagine, there are loads of fun engagement cards on the site. I’ve picked my Top 20 – some are downloadable, some are beautifully printed for you, but either way, you’ll be able to give your friends one of these sweet, fun little cards with a smile on your face.
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Up & Away Styled Engagement by Beatrix Events & Louise Vorster

It’s FRIDAY! The happiest day of the week. And it’s about to get even happier with the most gorgeous engagement shoot! We’ve heard of engagement shoots that use balloons as props, we’ve heard of styled e-shoots, but this is really a whole other level of awesome, since it includes a spectacular (and inspiring!) table created by Beatrix Events, an adorable couple, a bit of a travel theme, and an actual hot air balloon! You know, just casually hanging out in the background, like the coolest prop ever ;) Not to mention beautiful pictures by Louise Vorster. So what are we waiting for! Up, up and away!Read More

Game Farm Engagement

Right off the bat, I’m going to say this might be my favourite e-shoot ever. Louise Vorster‘s dreamy pics of Liné & Johan are just exquisite, and the whole thing took place in the African bushveld, which is my best place in the world. With some beautiful giraffes grazing elegantly in the background, a curious kudu, and lots of love and laughter between the couple, it may be the ultimate SouthBound engagement. Thanks so much for sharing, Louise!Read More

A Bride Abroad #1: The Proposal

Make way! Huzzah! It’s time to introduce you to the second of our current season of real life brides – don’t worry, we haven’t lost Candice just yet, but while she’s off adding finishing touches to her planning, it’s time to meet RLB #2, Liana. Like many of our readers, Liana has had the challenge of planning her Cape wedding from abroad – not the easiest of tasks! We’ll be hearing all about her ideas and inspirations, and how she’s overcome the distance challenge over the coming weeks, but for now, let’s make her feel welcome and hear all about how she and fiancé Chris met.

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