Berry Tone West Coast Wedding at Gelukkie by Kusjka du Plessis

Pretty as a picture and coming to your screen right now, Altus and Leandri’s wedding is one for the books! This sweet couple decided to combine the relaxed summer ambience of the West Coast sunshine with a bright (bang on trend!) berry palette, and seal the deal with family friends and fun! I love this wedding, not just because of how well all the little details fall together or how fabulous the colours are (those bridesmaid separates, wow!), but because Kusjka du Plessis has captured it in the most gorgeous images – the sunset shoot of bride, groom and bridal party is like something from a magazine! But then again, models never get to have this much fun!

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Real Wedding at The White House {Jo & Corey}

Morning, lovelies! I thought it was about time we had a beach wedding here on SBB – as much as I love the countryside, I do love me a good ol’ toes-in-the-sand beach ceremony and reception so much. And I LOVE today’s beautiful, personal celebration, which brings together everything we love about the West Coast, including an absolutely stunning beach house venue. I fell in love with The White House (SO my dream house!) when I came across it a few months back (have to stay there at some point!) and I immediately wondered how it could be used for a wedding, bearing in mind that it’s a house of course, and not an actual venue. I had assumed that meant tiny intimate weddings only, but our creative couple today utilised not just one but three separate locations and created a sort of open air market to really capture the Yzerfontein vibe. Such a brilliant idea, don’t you think? Jani B‘s pics capture every lovely moment in glorious detail and colour – I especially love the couple pics up in the master bedroom with that glorious view of the sea. It’s the perfect way to send us off into the weekend dreaming of summer! Oh, and PS, these two have the most amazing story of how they met and Corey’s proposal, so don’t miss it!Read More

Real Wedding at The Farmhouse Hotel {Leigh & Andrew}

Sometimes weddings are like London buses – I went for ages without a lovely beach wedding to share, and now I have two in a row! Well, no complaints from me, as I absolutely adore a toes-in-the-sand, head-in-the-clouds, chilled out beach do and today’s wedding is one of the most chilled I have ever come across. And you guys, an ombre wedding dress. Seriously, I LOVE. Leigh and Andrew are the picture of Cape Town surfey gorgeousness, and their love story had so much to do with Langebaan that they couldn’t help but decide to get married in this special seaside town. They chose a super fun palette of turquoise with a pop of colour-of-the-moment neon, which not only worked with their wedding style but reflected their complementary personalities. My dear friend Monica Dart was there as the photographer, to capture all the life and movement and colour, as only she can. What a lovely wedding.Read More

Real Wedding at Grootvlei {Vicky & Arri}

Get ready, people, because this might be my favourite beach wedding EVER. Bold claim, I know, but just wait until you see it. I don’t know where to start! Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised – this is what happens when two creative people get together and fall in love. Arri is a 3D animator and Vicky is the designer behind the awesome Mocho Loco brand (so you can get a bit of her genius for your own wedding, win). He’s South African, she brings her Argentinian heritage to the table – and you’ll see how much dancing and fun went down, starting right there on the beach. Seriously, this is the only wedding I have seen with the bride and groom hula hooping – it. is. awesome. The couple went BEYOND when it came to DIY – they made everything, and it is all so gorgeous. My favourite is the door entrance to the ceremony area (beach perfection!), and I also loved the swing for two that they sat on during the speeches. The table decor includes some of my favourite DIY elements tied together perfectly with Vicky’s lovely stationery. And my goodness, I can’t not mention Vicky’s beautiful dress! But I keep coming back to the dancing – it’s the heartbeat of this joyous wedding, bringing together family and friends from two continents in an incredible celebration. The amazing Maree Louw of Natural Light Photography was there to capture everything, and capture it she did in the most gorgeous photos. It was so hard to choose, so you’re getting a bit of a photo bonanza today. Okay! Enough raving from me. Here it is! Oh, and PS, if you want to see more, come back later for the video!Read More

Real Wedding at Paternoster Lodge {Katie & Theoniel}

Today’s real wedding caught my attention when I spotted the driftwood logs and hanging twinkle light curtains on Be-dazzled Events‘ Facebook page, and I was thrilled to see the whole wedding appear over on the awesome Jules Morgan‘s blog. I love intimate weddings, and I adore Katie and Theoniel’s concept of sharing a favourite destination (who doesn’t fall in love with the West Coast, after all?) with their family and friends. Their design was relatively simple, but very stylish, and perfectly reflected the West Coast vibe in shades of grey and beige neutrals. And how about those fairy lights? Aren’t they just magical? This wedding is proof of how a great venue, a clean palette and a few special details (love that driftwood heart ring ‘cushion’ and the stylin’ groomsmen, for example) are all you need to make your wedding picture perfect (although the perfect pictures Jules takes don’t hurt either – it was too hard to choose, so this is a bit of a bumper post!).Read More

Real Wedding at Grootvlei Guest Farm {Ingrid & Denzil}

You know, sometimes when you travel, it makes you appreciate all the wonders and beauties of the world, and how luck you are that you can plane, train or automobile your way around them. And sometimes, travel makes you appreciate what you have at home. It’s like that for me with the South African coast. Sure, I’ll never say no to a tropical island, and there’s something very appealing about bobbing around in the smooth Mediterranean. But you only have to sit on a pebbly beach in Brighton for five minutes to miss our soft, pale sand, and there’s nothing quite like the roar of our not just one, but two oceans. I think that’s one of the reasons why beach weddings are always highlights for me, especially when they manage to recreate some of that wild, natural beauty. That’s what today’s stunning wedding at Grootvlei does – the palette is like a stormy day at sea with light breaking through the clouds (which is appropriate, considering the proposal). Soft greys and whites, with flashes of natural green. Orchids and succulents (which I never would have expected to work together, but are so elegant). A driftwood altar. The pictures by Stephan Marais are so gorgeous, I just knew I had to share them with you! {Oh, and PS, I love Grootvlei’s mussel motif – such a cool texture for a beach venue.}Read More

Real Wedding at Jakkalsfontein Nature Reserve {Heidi & Donnie}

There’s something about a beach house, isn’t there? For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted one, with shutters and white floorboards and falling asleep to the sound of the surf and salt in my nostrils. For so many of us South Africans, the beach is our happy place. So I honestly can’t think of a more amazing venue than the one Heidi and Donnie chose for their wedding, since it’s Heidi’s parents’ beach house right on the ocean in Jakkalsfontein. Beautiful, coastal rustic and as personal as you can get. Heidi brought her love of hearts into the decor, and after their ceremony, the couple decided to buck convention by having bowl foods and canapes served to their guests, who were able to mingle and dance and relax in break out areas. Doesn’t it sound amazing? (Well, wait until you see how good it looks, courtesy of Hearts in a Shutter‘s Brenda Wardall!) I just love when brides and grooms decide to do things a little differently to suit their venue or guests or just the kind of party they want to have. If you want a dinner party feel, do it. If you want a brunch, do it. If you want a rock concert, do it! Have the ceremony and the meal when and where you want – make the conventions work for you. I guarantee that not only will you have an amazing time and be more relaxed on the day if you feel like you’re in your element, but your guests will remember your wedding more than any other.Read More

Real Wedding at Geelbek {Tamryn & Jeandre}

I have such a gorgeous wedding for you today! Three words: it has Louboutins. Deliciously perfect, deliciously blue, Louboutins. I’m completely in love with these shoes, and I’m completely in love with the rest of Tamryn and Jeandre’s rustic West Coast setting, not to mention the gorgeous decor, much of which the bride DIYed herself (the seating chart treasure chest is my personal favourite, although the tea cup planters are a close second!) – particularly impressive since the couple planned their wedding from the UK. This is clearly a gal with an eye for detail, so you won’t be surprised that she also picked a fabulous photographer. I’ve been a fan of Christine Meintjes‘ work for so long, that featuring her pictures here makes this kind of a big day for me. Yay!

Tamryn sent over some background on the big day:
Jeandre and I met through a mutual friend and after the first time we met it was months before we got the opportunity again. I’m English and Jeandre is Afrikaans, and we had different circles of friends, so the likelihood of us bumping into each other often was slim. This time we both made sure to exchange numbers and keep in contact. We have been together for nine years and every year teaches us something new and gives us a different level of understanding. I think that growing up together has been the best experience for both of us – we were young when we started going out (16 and 17), so I feel like we know each other inside and out, nothing is off limits and I trust him completely to always make the right decisions for us.

We chose to get married in the West Coast National Park, as it was close to my family’s home in Yzerfontein and there is no better place for us to go away and just relax than the West Coast – it’s got that laid-back and relaxed feeling that we wanted for our wedding. We wanted our guests to chill with us on the happiest day and just take all the wild romantic scenery in and enjoy it. The ceremony was held at the chapel in Churchaven and the reception at Geelbek Restaurant. We loved the wide open space and seclusion of Geelbek, and the view took our breath away. The reception was held outdoors in their marquee and outside garden. I really couldn’t have asked for a more picture perfect setting for us to have a party! The church, the view, the wildlife in the park, everything about it really. I am so glad I took my dad’s advice and went there for lunch. On the day we viewed the venue, it was the middle of winter, the West Coast was having a storm and even then there was something magical about the place for us.

I wanted my wedding day to look classic and very clean. I love things to be light and airy, open spaces and natural light, so I went for grey and white as my colours, with a hint of peach in the flowers just to add something to a flat background. I also incorporated a bit more colour in my accessories, such as the vintage hand-tied books and the colourful teacups that we planted with flowers. I loved my little eBay finds that I lugged over from the UK with me to add to the table, my teacups and books and ribbons, they all made such a difference to the look I wanted to achieve on the evening. It all came together beautifully and I was very happy with the choices that we made.

All my bridesmaids and I stayed in Yzerfontein the night before the wedding to pot up my teacups and make my seating chart which was housed in the vintage cases I stole from Jeandre’s family. Making it up the night before was so much fun, it gave us something to focus on and by the end of the evening we were so tired that we fell into bed – after a good chat of course!

We were so blessed to have all of our family there together and all of our closet friends. They all know how crazy we are, and how crazy we are for each other, so it was awesome that so many people flew and drove hundreds of kilometers just to be there for us.

My advice to other brides is DON’T stress out – you are marrying your best friend and having a once-in-a-lifetime party with all your favourite people. Dont pepper that experience with getting upset over the small things. Stuff WILL go wrong – shrug it off and fix it to the best of your ability, it happens to everyone, so keep smiling and remember the end goal, the beginning of your everafter.

Thanks so much, Tamryn – here’s wishing you and Jeandre a life together as happy as your wedding day was!

For more pictures, head over to Christine’s blog, and don’t forget to check out her wedding blog, The Pretty Blog as well!

Service providers:

Venue & catering: Geelbek Restaurant
Flowers, decor & co-ordination: Elmarie Leonard
Photography: Christine Meintjes
Cake: Shareen Hermanus, Yzerfontein – +27 (0)83 2549 081
DJ/Music: Rockstar Productions (Sean Young) – +27 (0)83 417982
Hair and make up: Ronel Smith