20 Elegant Rustic Wedding Bouquets

I’m in flower heaven right now because every one of these bouquets is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. Like, shut the front door beautiful. Each is that perfect balance of rustic and elegant and – no matter where or when or how you’re planning your own big day – I think you’ll find at least one or two that give you butterflies. So let’s get on with it! No more talking – these flowers can speak for themselves.

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20 Stunning Semi-naked Wedding Cakes

When I put my mind to this month’s theme, Rustic Elegance, there was one current trend that immediately jumped out at me as MADE for this look. Because as much as I have loved featuring naked cakes over the past couple of years, I am even more in love with their more sophisticated cousin, the semi-naked cake. And where naked cakes are ideal for a rustic bash, semi-nakeds have that extra bit of something (well not something, icing actually) that puts them squarely in between classic and avant garde. I love them. And boy are there some pretty ones out there! So let’s look at 20 of my faves, shall we? Oh yes, we shall.

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From Catwalk to Aisle: 10 Key Wedding Dress Trends for 2016

Hello friends! After a couple of crazy weeks including a last-minute rush trip to Joburg to sort out travel docs for a suuuuuper exciting trip I’m taking at the end of this month (details soon, I promise), I’m back on schedule and ready to serve up some seriously awesome daily inspiration. Let’s get this party started! Last October, there were a lot of reasons I wished I was at New York Bridal Fashion Week (Aisle Society launch party, yay!), and of course the beautiful dresses were top of the list. It’s always awesome to see how the Fall catwalk will affect bridal fashion in the coming year, and if these trends are anything to go by, you brideys are in for a treat. I think if there’s one look that was predominant, it’s what I think of as #modestnotmodest. Traditionally modest elements like sleeves and high necklines, but reinterpreted with lace and sheer panelling for a very sexy and very contemporary look. So let’s take a look at our top ten runway trends for 2016 – which will you be coveting for your own dream dress?

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Macaron Tower Wedding Cakes

So this month we’re all about spring pastels and you KNOW I couldn’t do that without mentioning macarons, because to me there’s no prettier or classier inspiration for mixed pastels than that kingdom of the macaron, Laduree. We’ve chatted about macaron favours before, but another option for including these blogger faves is as an alternative to a cake – a macaron wedding tower. These always invite oohs of delight, and they’re a great way to mix and match colours, as you’ll see below – you can even go metallic (is there anything more covetable than a gold macaron? Not in my book). So let’s sit back and be inspired (and try not to get too hungry) with some of my top picks from around the web.

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From Catwalk to Aisle: 10 Key Wedding Dress Trends for 2015

Hello lovely readers – Candice here! With all the top designers hitting the runway late last year at New York Bridal Week showing off a variety of new trends, we really have been spoilt for choice. If you’re like me, you get a bit overwhelmed by all the magnificent options. So we’ve picked our top ten, stand-out runway and bridal fashion trends for 2015 – see which style you most identify with and how these trends can be interpreted into your dream wedding dress.

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Wedding Trends Reloaded

Here at SouthBound Bride, I love bringing you all the latest trends. As you know, I believe that each wedding should be an expression of a couple’s unique style and personality, but it doesn’t hurt to get a sense of the ideas that are floating around out there. Eventually, those ideas can get a little repetitive. And while in some ways that doesn’t matter (remember that most of your guests don’t sit on wedding blogs all day and won’t have seen it before), it can be fun to consider fresh twists and new options. So here are eight of my top alternatives for creating your favourite effects.
Here’s my disclaimer: I’ve loved and promoted all of the ‘old’ ideas here, and I’m nobody’s fashion police. So if you love something, you DO IT. This is just about being creative and exploring other avenues along the way!

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Brunch Weddings

Source: Pancake display

So, usually I am the person working in weddings who doesn’t get to GO to a lot of weddings. Side effect of living in London, innit. But this year has been different. This year, if I had a pound for every wedding I’ve attended… well, I’d have five pounds. Still, five weddings between March and May is quite something. Four have been in South Africa, which has given me the best excuse to hang out here for almost three months. (And a chance to see so many precious friends, I’m a lucky girl!) The last of Wed-a-palooza was the wedding of my friends Sven & Louise (which you’ll get to see soon), and apart from being insanely beautiful, what made it unique was that it was a brunch wedding. A trend beloved of bloggers, but rarely seen in the wild, this was the real deal. And it totally convinced me. Brunch weddings are AWESOME. Here’s why:Read More

Burlap Wedding Details

Burlap wedding via Magnolia Rouge

Ah, burlap. How I do love thee! Maybe it’s the farm sacks connotation or the rough texturing or the colour, but nothing says rustic like burlap (or hessian to some readers). And nothing says rustic chic like burlap contrasted with lace or pretty crockery, or a chandelier. It shouldn’t work, because they’re so different, but it just SO DOES.Read More

Tea Party Weddings

There’s something so charming about a cup of tea, isn’t there? I’m not much of a tea (or coffee) drinker myself on a daily basis, but I live in a country where tea is a RELIGION. (Seriously. Anytime anything happens – good news, bad news, a big storyline on Eastenders – the British reaction is to boil up a cuppa. The story goes that in the advertising break immediately following Colin Firth’s shirtless emergence from a lake in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, so many women put on the kettle that it caused a power surge.) So maybe it’s the comfort, or the prim Britishness of it, or the fact that in a Starbucks kinda world there’s something incredibly pretty and nostalgic about a porcelain cup and saucer. Or maybe it’s the sense of occasion that a tea party creates, or the way it harks back to our childhoods and to stories like Alice in Wonderland. Whatever the reason, the tea party as a theme is big news in weddings and bridal showers right now. It fits beautifully into the vintage trend, whether it be a glamorous 1920s-style high tea or a 1940s tea dance, or just a collection of lovely cups and saucers as part of the decor. An afternoon tea and cake reception can be a great way of saving money, and setting up a tea bar and serving Ritz-style finger sandwiches and scones can be a fun way to amuse guests during cocktail hour and make the most of a dessert bar. Plus, tea parties make great bridal showers. But where to start with decor? Here are some of my recent favourite images and DIYs from around the web.


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