Fairytale Bride #6: Cake & Dessert Table

I’m so glad that this entry of cake and desserts comes straight after my previous entry on décor, as the entire dessert table, inclusive of our cake, may just be my second favourite part of planning this wedding (you can read about my first love in the previous post). Cake, desserts… oh the sweetness! I absolutely love to bake, which can be clearly seen through my blog called ‘Baked In Love’. To me, baking is something special as every cake, cookie or cupcake has a story. You bake because you want to bake, not because you have to. You bake to share and you bake to celebrate.
Now that we have acknowledged and established my love for all things sweet, let’s dream of cake pops, cupcakes and buttercream!

Cake inspirations:

Sources: Lani Elias Fine Art Photography via Best Friends for Frosting (top left); {a}strid photography/A Trendy Wedding via Wedding Chicks (top centre); KT Merry via Style Me Pretty (top right); Jose Villa Photography/Beth Helmstetter Events via Style Me Pretty (bottom left); Jemma Keech (bottom centre); Frenzel Photographers/Joyful Weddings and Events via Style Me Pretty (bottom right)

Oh the cake. Where to begin!? A few elements to describe our dream cake… Delicate and in soft colours. Down-to-earth and natural in the overall look and feel (not sure a cake can be described as ‘down-to-earth’ but hopefully you know what I mean). And lastly, yummy and scrumptious is absolutely mandatory! We can’t be serving a cake that is dry and has no taste, as that would be an epic fail. The images say a thousand more words, and therefore, I need say no more on our wedding cake, which I myself have obviously not even set eyes on yet. Even our guests will have to wait to find out what delectable flavours await their taste palettes.

Cake topper inspirations:

Source: Jen Huang Photography

Our dessert table is one of the most exciting features of the evening, and we dream of it reflecting our dreamy wedding style. To list a few things, I love glass jars, rustic timber, chalkboard signs, lace, and different height elevations. Cupcakes are a must as they complete every dessert table and of course a wide selection of mini treats, or petit fours as I should say, for that touch of glamour ;) Oh but which ones!? We will just have to wait and see…

Cupcakes & macaroons:

Sources: The Decisive Moment via On the Go Bride (top left); Elizabeth Messina via Grey Likes Weddings (top right); Kate Osborne via Style Me Pretty (bottom left); Cupcakes Under Cover (bottom right)

Dreaming up our very own dessert table has been such a joy! I want us to have THAT dessert table, the one that looks so perfect that people are scared to take that first treat. Eventually someone will…actually, it will most likely be me that will…but seriously, there is a lot of time, a lot f ideas and A LOT of love that is going to go into this dessert table of ours. It will be absolutely perfect in my eyes.

And if all those little, sweet, dreams of mine fail, ‘worry not’ I tell myself, as our guests will love it undoubtedly for the sole reason that it will be up and standing for the rest of the night, allowing them to come back for more treats when energy levels on the dance floor are slowly waning.

Dessert table inspirations:

Sources: Cocoa & Fig/Collin Hughes Photographs (top left); Marisa Holmes Photographer/Lauren Stewart Designs + Events via On to Baby (top right); Susan Bordelon via My Sweet & Saucy (bottom left); Tonya Joy via A Lowcountry Wedding (bottom centre); Marcus Nilsson via Martha Stewart (bottom right)

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