A Bride Abroad #7: The Dress

Ooooooh yes! It’s time to write about… drumroll tsshh… THE DRESS!!!! I’ve been waiting for this one to come round in sheer anticipation. Not quite sure why though, because I myself don’t yet know what my wedding dress is going to look like. Eek!

Because it’s being made in Cape Town, I won’t know until very shortly before the wedding. The bonus is that I get some extra time to decide, which is great, because my ideas have changed so much over the past few months. Who knows what I’ll end up wearing…

What I do know is that I’m not one for many layers and loads of lace. No petticoat. No tight bust in which I cannot breath. No scratchy fabric. No long trail. I’m a very practical person and therefore cannot afford to choose a dress which is going to be a hassle. That said, it still has to be gorgeous.

I love a dress which in essence is plain, but has small details which make it interesting. A splash of colour, an interesting neckline, different fabrics folding over one another. We’ll see what the future holds… While you wait, I leave you with these beautiful photies.

Images: Row 1 – wetakecreativepictures/Abigail Betz via The Pretty Blog (left); We Take Creative Pictures/Kluk CDGT via The Pretty Blog (right); Row 2 – Wesley Vorster/Abigail Betz via Ruffled (left); Nikki Meyer/Lunar (right); Row 3 – Ouma on Etsy (left); Marianne Taylor Photography/Olivia Couture via Bridal Musings (top centre); Cari Eksteen/Abigail Betz via The Pretty Blog (bottom centre); Sybrand Cillié/Garnish Bridal Couture via The Loveliest Day (right); Row 4 – Storybook Photography/Elbeth Gillis via The Pretty Blog (left); Gavin Casey/Sharon Burrows via The Pretty Blog (right); Row 5 – Ozzy Garcia/Vera Wang via Once Wed (left); Elizabeth Messina/Monique Lhuillier via 100 Layer Cake (centre); welovepictures/Malcolm Klûk via 100 Layer Cake (right)

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