Gatsby Glam Wedding Dresses

The truth is (even though she was a bit of a cow), there’s a big part of me that still wants to be Daisy Buchanan – flitting about in her beautiful dresses with her voice full of money, breaking hearts all over West Egg. Maybe that’s why every time I see a wedding gown sporting art deco embellishment and a slinky, satiny silhouette, I have a full-on, hold-on-to-your-chaise dress swoon. Or why designers like Johanna Johnson and Jenny Packham always have me dying over their latest collections. Forget princess dresses – for a glamorous bride, there’s no better way to go than with a touch of 1920s vintage. Especially when its complemented with gorgeous retro hair, a red lip, or a spectacular hairpiece. So for our month of glamour, I went on the hunt for some of the most breathtaking Gatsby-esque gowns from real weddings and styled shoots, each of them worthy of Daisy herself.Read More

Gatsby Glam Bridesmaid Dresses from Frock and Frill

A little while back, I wrote a post on Gatsby-style bridesmaid dresses, thinking it might interest a few people, but holy moly, it went on to be one of our most viewed posts of all time (and still is). Clearly the embellished flapper look is one that brides have fallen in love with, and who could blame you, because wow, these dresses are gorgeous and even better, they’re so much easier to find on the high street (or in the mall!) these days. You don’t even have to be having a 1920s or Art Deco wedding for these to make sense – they’re pretty enough to work with any elegant wedding style. (Although I do love a Gatsby wedding. After all, a little party never hurt nobody, right?) I recently became familiar with a UK brand that is taking this look to the next level, Frock and Frill. This label carries a wide range of flapper style dresses in a range of colours – all knock-me-down gorgeous – that would not only work for a bridal party but actually could work for a laid-back bride as well, or as a reception dress. I’m in love with the beaded embellishments, the flattering cuts, and the range of colours, so I’ve just had to dedicate today’s post to my top wedding-appropriate Frock and Frill dresses. Good luck picking a favourite – they’re all GORGEOUS! (Oh, and PS: You can also find all of them on our Bridesmaid Boutique board over on Pinterest!) Click on any of the dress images below to shop.

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Frock and Frill



Gatsby Bridal Shower by Suzanne Swart

Morning lovelies! To start off our Friday, I’m sharing some pics from reader Marli of her kitchen tea, which was fun and colourful with a touch of the Great Gatsby. This one hits the balance perfectly for a daytime do – like an elegant 1920s tea party with a champagne tower, feather boas for all the girls, and even a view over Kelvin Grove’s croquet pitch!Read More

Gatsby-esque Cocktail Wedding Reception at an Antique Storeroom by Alfred Lor {Lindi & Morgan}

I told you we were on a winning streak with two gorgeous weddings today, and here we are with Part 2! Lindi and Morgan’s celebration was twice as nice – an intimate celebration with elegant Delft-inspired decor (see it here), and then a blowout 1920s influenced cocktail reception for their wider circle in what has to be one of the coolest and most unique venues I’ve seen – a converted antique showroom full of the most incredible mirrors and chandeliers – wow! I love that Lindi used her contacts as a designer to come up with something a bit different, and it’s just perfect for the Gatsby vibe that the couple were trying to create. Add a few tables groaning with treats, guests jazzed up for the Jazz Era theme, and just as much love and joy as in the first wedding, and you have an absolutely incredible sequel. Pics are by the fab Alfred Lor.Read More

Hair Inspiration: Gatsby Glam

Sources (l-r): The Nickersons/via Vintage Tea Roses/Willow Moone

Fact: I am more than a little bit obsessed with Gatsby right now. Although it’s not a new thing – the novel is one of my favourite books, and I have had a huge crush on the ’20s since I read it as a teenager. And I am also a huge, huge Baz Luhrmann fan. After the movie tanked with reviewers last year, I was so nervous to see it, but I ADORED every second of that film. No kidding, I watched it three more times on the flights from the UK to Dubai and Dubai to Durban last month. Now I won’t go into the many reasons why it’s one of my new favourite movies, except for one – Gatsby styling is awesome. The dresses, the hair… wouldn’t we all want to play dress up as Daisy Buchanan for one night? Incredibly flattering. So it’s really no surprise that I love the 1920s trend that has made its way into weddings (and stayed) – what is surprising to me in a way is just how popular it has been with everyone else. The post I did a couple of months ago on Gatsby bridesmaid dresses turned out to be one of your all-time faves, and it got me thinking that maybe it would be fun to do a hair feature on 1920s and 1930s-inspired styles. They’re not period replicas, but this series of beautiful (very flattering) styles incorporates some 1920s trademarks – finger waves, bobs, beautiful hair accessories, soft buns curled into the nape. I dare you not to fall in love with one, or several… old sport.Read More

Great Gatsby Bridesmaid Dresses

Image: Jonathan Wherrett via Vintage Now

Hello lovelies, are you all ready for your weekend? I have a rare personal post coming up today, but first, it’s time to look at another awesome bridesmaid dress trend and this is one I’ve been looking forward to highlighting for a while. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE The Great Gatsby. Ever since I read it, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with the roaring ’20s. I’m also a little bit obsessed with Baz Luhrmann – Strictly Ballroom is my ALL TIME favourite film, with Romeo + Juliet coming a close second (although, let’s not talk about Moulin Rouge or Australia, kay?). So as you can imagine, I am dying to see the film. And the timing is perfect, because fashion and wedding world have been jonesing for this for ages – 1920s keeps being a trend, and it keeps getting better, especially with all the gorgeous embellished dresses around at the moment. Seriously, could someone doing this please make me their bridesmaid? Because I so want an excuse to wear one of these beauties. Full disclosure: it’s not the most budget-friendly look, but it is mismatched (or even matched), glam, perfection. You don’t need to be having a vintage or Gatsby-themed wedding to pull it off either, but it will add a gorgeous touch of dapper flapper to your wedding style. Click on any of the dress images below to shop. For the most recent Gabtsby, Art Deco & 1920s BM dress finds, check in with our Bridesmaid Boutique Pinterest Board.Read More

Hen Party Theme: Gatsby

Today I’m debuting a new feature – so many of you have asked for ideas for hen parties/bachelorettes that I thought it was time I gave some attention to these pre-wedding festivities too. As well as regular hen party and bridal shower theme features, I’m looking to feature real parties, so if your girls did something awesome for you and you have some lovely photos to share, I’d love to hear from you! Venue suggestions for London or Cape Town are great, but this one’s open to all of you.

Source: Boardwalk Empire

Read More

Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Moss

Image via the Daily Mail

It’s entirely possible that you’re bored of reading about Kate Moss’s wedding by now, since the whole of wedding world’s been posting about it all week. But, just like the Royal Wedding, it would be remiss of me not to write about it at all because, as much as I hate to admit it, this wedding was iconic. I’m not the hugest fan of the stylish Ms Moss (naked pictures with your young daughter as part of your wedding pics. Really?), but I’ve got to say, the girl knows how to throw a set of nuptials. I mean, it helps that everyone at her wedding was ridiculously photogenic. And of course, it didn’t hurt that Mario Testino took what are quite probably the most gorgeous wedding pictures EVER. But really, it was the seamless (and personal) fusion of sweet English countryside, Gatsby glam and good old fashioned rock ‘n roll that really made it special. Three things I never would have thought would go together so well, and they did. Bravo, Kate. *Tips imaginary hat*Read More

Inspiration Board: Bonnie & Clyde

“True love should have the thrills that a healthy crime has…” sang Ella and Louis, and if that’s the case, then today’s inspiration has plenty. Bonnie & Clyde captured the public imagination in the 1930s before their gun totin’ crime spree across America ended in a hail of bullets, and again in the ’60s when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway portrayed them in an iconic film (a remake is set for release later this year). While I’m not one to glorify murder and armed robbery, they also came to represent reckless young love, as well as passion and rebellion in the midst of the Depression. With the ’20s and ’30s being firmly back in vogue for weddings right now, I just love the concept of a prohibition picnic – a backyard or country alternative to a glitzy flapper soiree. A vintage motor for the bride and groom, old suitcases filled with picnic food for the guests, and of course bridesmaids in Faye-style berets. Create a speakeasy vibe outdoors with a jazz band, wine bottles in wicker covers and a fun twist on ‘bathtub gin‘ – serving ice cold Cokes and beers from an old bath. Use found objects as decor – vintage cameras, bottles and tins, gramophones, etc. and include touches of Americana like the Coca-Cola tray used here for notes from guests or mini cherry pies for dessert. And I just love the idea of announcing your engagement with a telegram invitation or save the date! What other ways would you bring this theme to life?

Colours: Red and green and beige with touches of pale blue

Top row (l-r): Bride & groom with car (Nastassja Harvey); suitcase (Lizelle Lotter); bridesmaid (Ian Mitchinson/Wedding Concepts); centrepiece (Angelica Glass)
Row 2: Marriage telegram invitation; Coca-Cola tray; wicker bottle; bathtub bar (Powerhouse Studio)
Row 3: Camera (Angelica Glass); gramophone; mini cherry pies; jazz band (Our Labour of Love).

Real Wedding at Montagu Guano Cave Guest Farm {Carla & Bennie}

There are days when writing this blog feels a little like wish fulfilment. Ask and it shall be given unto you, kind of thing. Because it was just a few weeks ago that I was all “I am dying to see someone with a giant chess set” and now here today are the lovely Bennie and Carla and their giant chess set (amongst other awesome lawn games). I don’t know why, but that makes me ridiculously excited. (Come on. It’s a giant chess set!) And that isn’t all! Because I have also been on about how much I love Great Gatsby and the 1920s, and you guys, that is the whole theme of Bennie and Carla’s wedding. Eek! What can I say, you stylish brides and grooms make mama very happy. :) And that STILL isn’t all. Because not only did this couple have the most gorgeous, gorgeous flapper party ever with their friends (who were all fun enough to dress up), but the lovely was captured by Nastassja Harvey, who you may remember from this amazing wedding (yeah, I know you do, because it’s our most viewed wedding EVER). Nastassja is a total superstar in the making, and I am thrilled to have her on Cap Classique again. SO. Get your glad rags on and crank up the gramophone, because trust me, it’s time for a happy dance!Read More