Best of 2015: Showcase

Hello lovelies! Can you believe we’ve hit the last day of 2015? It’s been a funny old year for many people, I know, but as we look back at the year that was and look forward to the days to come (and break out the champers to celebrate both), I thought it was a good time to put together an album of beautiful images – images full of love and laughter and light, and everything that makes a wedding so extra specially beautiful. I put the word out with some of our photographer friends and asked them to pick a few of their own favourite pics, and they sent me such incredible ones, I was really spoilt for choice. But here’s a little collection – be sure to click through and see more of their work, because they’re all talented and wonderful! We’ll be back tomorrow sharing the last of our Best of 2015 posts, and then next week… well, exciting things are happening! But in the meantime, be safe and be happy this new year’s eve, and here’s to 2016 :)

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Guest Post: Guest Books by Indieberries

Are you all sick of hearing from our friend Ché of Indieberries yet? No, of course you’re not. Because she is Awesome.Sauce. We love Ché. And we especially loved all the fab ideas she had for her wedding, from her Save the Dates to her invites to her guest book. And that’s what Ché is sharing with us today, along with a bunch of brilliant advice for how to make your own guest book awesome. UN-fortunately, we don’t get to see Ché’s actual wedding or pro pics of her guest book because… well, something bad happened to the photos. We won’t talk about it. Moving on. But let’s just say that this lady is not only a legend at producing an incredible wedding and choosing a very lovely man to marry, she is also the queen of grace under fire and an awesome example of someone who loves the pretty but knows what marriage is really all about. Maybe one day I’ll ask her to tell you about that. But for today, she’s talking guest books. Thanks Ché!


After searching for a wedding guestbook and only finding standard run-of-the-mill, not-too-exciting options I decided to crack on and create my own personalised coffee-table keepsake. (Although to be fair, I didn’t search too hard for the aforementioned guestbook because I always knew I wanted to make my own).Read More

Gold & Glitter DIY Roundup

Evening, friends! You know, in the reader survey (which I’m still keeping open for a day or two – would LOVE it if you would fill it in!), one of the big things people said they’re like to see more of was DIY. So I’ll be making a plan on that front! But in the meantime, I have an awesome DIY roundup to share with you – and it’s all about the sparkle! Contrary to the saying that ‘all is not gold that glitters’, we’ve rounded up fifteen absolutely gorgeous tutorials for gold or glitter (or both) accents that will add that extra special something to your wedding style. Just, um, don’t use them all at once, obvs.

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My Top 5 Pins {The Pretty Blog}

Afternoon, lovelies! It’s time for the next in my mini series of guest posts from some of my favourite wedding pinners and bloggers – hasn’t it been fun to see what’s inspiring them? Today’s guest probably needs no introduction, since she’s one half of one of South Africa’s most successful blogging teams. Nicola Pretorius started The Pretty Blog with Christine Meintjes at around the same time that I started blogging, and over email, Twitter and cake and coffee in London and Stellenbosch, I’ve got to know both of them and admire their creative, entrepreneurial spirits. Nicola is the editorial half of the team, and is super stylish and lovely in person – it’s no wonder that she’s provided so many South African women with inspiration for their big day and beyond. As you may know, TPB recently relaunched with an amazing new look and feel, with dedicated sections for travel, food & wine, kids & family, home & style and of course, weddings. It’s an awesome achievement and an exciting time for the team, and I’m thrilled that Nicola took some time from her schedule to be here today sharing her favourite pins. Needless to say, if you’re not following her on social media and Pinterest already, do! And if you haven’t already, check out the new site (but make yourself a cup of coffee and switch off the phone first, because you’ll get lost for a couple of hours at least!)

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My Top 5 Pins {At First Blush & Co.}

I’ve been so luck to meet some amazing people in this industry, both home and away, including today’s lovely guest! Although some of my wedding friends are still virtual (although it never feels that way!) I’ve been lucky enough to actually meet Naomi on a trip to London, and she was every bit as fab in the flesh as she’d seemed online. She’s become a dear friend, and I’m so excited to have her here today! Naomi has a knack for finding the best stuff, so she’s the perfect person to follow on Pinterest, both for wedding and lifestyle inspiration. You can find her blogging about her finds on Inside the Lovely, the blog portion of her website. Bookmark! Thanks so much, Naomi :)

Hi I am Naomi! I’m so happy that my sweet friend Gaby has asked me to guest post on her blog! I am the creative director & lead designer of At First Blush & Co. Events based in Southern California. The events we produce are timelessly classic yet modernly chic. I personally love the look of understated glam. Leonardo Da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and that pretty much sums up my personal style which transcends over to my interior décor and the weddings that I collaborate on with my couples to design. Translating simplicity isn’t always easy, especially with all the amazing trends and ideas out there, but here are some of my favorites.

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My Top 5 Pins {A Crimson Kiss}

I’m super excited to introduce you to today’s pinfluencer, because if you want an example of a blogger with exquisite taste, then Lena is your girl. If Audrey Hepburn had a wedding blog, I think it would be just like hers. Every week she picks a colour scheme and then showcases a real wedding and matching shoes, flowers, paper and (yum) cocktails, which is such a pleasure to read. So it’s a blog to follow for sure, but also a pinner to stalk – her boards are beautifully curated collections of loveliness. Today, the lovely lady has agreed to share her current favourites – thanks so much Lena!

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Sparkle & Metallic Wedding Cakes

Some days, my job as a wedding blogger just doesn’t feel like work, and I have to say that this morning, as I put these gorgeous pictures of sparkly and shiny cakes together, the only difficulty was in narrowing down the selection. You’ll know by now that I’m a total magpie, and in love with everything that glimmers, but I think that love went to a new level when foiled wedding cakes came on the scene. I saw one for the first time in person last year in Durban, and it really does make an impression. I also love the way that it can be used as a texture, mixed in with ruffles, patterns, flowers, etc. As always, the line between glitzy and gaudy is a fine one, but here are 20 wedding cakes that I think walk the line perfectly. They’re almost too pretty to cut into, but the contrast between cake and metallic makes them look, if possible, even more delicious!Read More

From Inspiration to Invitation to Reality: Sparkle & Blush

Back when I moved into my current home and set up my office, I painted one wall in chalkboard and wrote a list in one corner. It was called milestones, and it was a list of ten things I wanted for my blog. On that list, was turning one of my inspiration boards into a styled shoot (what they used to call ‘inspiration to reality’ on Style Me Pretty). It seems like such a long time ago now, but I can still remember the first tentative posts on what was then Cap Classique, the first attempts at inspiration boards. Today (having been featured in magazines and on Wedding Chicks already) that milestone comes full circle, and I want to celebrate that, but more importantly I wanted to share what I learned about wedding design along the way. So before I share the full Sparkle & Blush post this afternoon, I thought I would take you through the whole journey, and hopefully inspire you along the way. :) (Remember, a styled shoot isn’t there to suggest you replicate it exactly the way we designed it. Rather, it’s big on ideas – just pinch one or two that fit your theme and budget.)
It started with an inspiration board…

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Christmas Decor Inspiration

Good morning, friends! I usually keep things to weddings here on SBB, but with many of you having your last day in the office today, I couldn’t help but make an exception and include this lovely, rustic Christmas table from the ladies at Green Goddess Flower Studio, Coral and Chantell. I’m a HUGE sucker for the holidays, but sometimes it’s nice to take a fresh look at Christmas decor, especially for a sunny season as we have in South Africa. I’ve always been the one in charge of the Christmas table (mostly because I was well into my 30s before my mom would let me anywhere near the kitchen), and I would love to put together something like this for the family next time – the bright orange of the pincushion protea is evocative of the richness of traditional Christmas colours, but combined with aqua and soft neutrals, is all sunny days. I love the rough hewn wood of the hearts and angels, the fun gold touches (especially the hippo – EVERY Christmas should have a hippo!), the succulents and especially the way that the blocks create visual interest with varying heights for the centrepiece, raising the look (literally!) to something extra special. Sadly, this year I won’t be home for Christmas, but I’ll just have to look at these pics to feel some summer Christmas inspiration, and I hope you will too! For those of you leaving us until the New Year – drive safe and be smart, and have a truly wonderful festive season!Read More

Coral and Aqua Styled Shoot

My goodness am I excited to share this little beauty with you! I spied with my little eye, something beginning with coral and aqua on the Wedding Concepts blog last year when this shoot, which was styled and co-ordinated by the WC team, was featured in Wedding Inspirations magazine. That single pincushion protea place setting really stuck in my mind, and I was so thrilled to get hold of a copy of the magazine and devour every gorgeous pic by one of my photography faves, Annemari Ruthven. So you can imagine I was even happier when the lovely Hannes of Wedding Concepts asked if I’d like to feature it right here on SBB. Um, yes please, Hannes! The thing with styled shoots (and it’s a reason some blogs don’t always feature them) is that it’s unlikely you can replicate the whole thing on the grand scale of a wedding, unless you’re getting set to be a Real Housewife of Constantia maybe. The art of it all is to be inspired, by the mood of the shoot perhaps, by the colours (although don’t forget you can translate a look you like to a whole new palette), or by a single detail or set of details. And that’s what’s so great about this one, because it is just teeming with original and inspiring ideas. First, the colour scheme – we’ve seen it before, and both coral and aqua are huge colours right now. But this shoot shows you how to be bold AND classy in the way that colour is used. Natural textures like the pincushions and coral itself, set against the clean lines of milk glass and graphic stationery are the way to  go. The table base is neutral, but through ribbons, flowers and lovely homeware items, the palette comes through. And that’s not where it ends. I love unexpected touches: the bride’s boho styling, the macaroon lollipops, the Bloody Mary bar, or DIY details like the ribbon garland or the paint dipped glass vases. It’s awesome, and I hope you enjoy poring over it just as much as I have!Read More