SouthBound Sundays {17 Feb 2013}

Hello my lovelies, how has your weekend been? I’ve spent most of it in bed, under a mountain of tissues. I hate being sick. Meh, but at least I’ve taken the time to catch up on phone chats with some of my very favourite people at home, and hear all their news. Which is just as well, as my TV viewing options have been seriously limited since I decided to give up all forms of reality TV for Lent. Seriously, do you even know how much of what’s on TV is reality TV? From a rough survey of this weekend, I would say about 80%. That’s insane. I’ve also been working on some lovely features for next week, and a special little side project that I can’t wait to launch – not long now! ;)


This week has been full of Valentine’s loveliness and cupid-inspired angel wings. If you don’t want to miss my weekly finds, make sure you follow SBB on Pinterest. Here are some of this week’s faves:



And here on SBB there was lots of loveliness also, including a few fun V-Day features (and some magical pictures of people in love):


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