Romantic Rustic Wedding at Roodezand by blfStudios

Today’s wedding is beautiful in so many ways, but my favourite is the way that Claudia and Quinton are one of those couples who were truly focused on what mattered: marrying one another. It’s something that carried them through a relatively short engagement with a minimum of drama, that meant they were never as focused on the details as they were on the people, and that even made rain on the morning of their wedding a non-event. Instead of feeling upset about it, they loved it for the drought-time blessing that it was, moved their ceremony indoors and (thanks to the quick work of loving family and friends) ended up with a romantic, intimate candlelit chapel filled with greenery and paper cranes, which was basically perfect. Talk about #engagedcouplegoals! The funny thing is, that they still ended up with a celebration that’s as picturesque as it is romantic, with hanging foliage and Edison bulbs above tables draped in greenery, touches of wood and candlelight, a macaron cake. And they won the jackpot with their wedding pictures too – these images by blfStudios are absolutely gorgeous!

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Darling Springtime Wedding at Towerbosch by Kusjka du Plessis

With the darling buds just showing their spring faces to this side of the world, sweethearts Erin and Julia made their way all the way from Switzerland to tie the knot on South African soil. And what a lovely wedding it was! Combining touches of their Swiss life with local traditions, it paid tribute to their different heritages and sweet personalities. The decor was pastel, rustic, a little vintage, and ever so pretty, and Julia herself was a natural knockout in her simple gown and floral headpiece. The flowers were soft and a little rambling, like they’d just been picked from a Swiss mountainside. I especially loved the little handmade touches – the cake baked by the groom’s mom, the arch crafted by his father, and the couple’s beautiful quilt. And here’s something else I love – the story below is written by the groom, Erin. Always a pleasure to hear a groom’s perspective! Kusjka du Plessis took these absolutely gorgeous pictures of the big day.

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Whimsical Colourful Wedding at White Light by Jack & Jane

This wedding is a delight, start to finish! A palette that’s like a breath of spring air (even though it took place in winter) – pastels and brights all mixed in like a meadow of wildflowers. A blush beauty of a wedding dress that’s as whimsical as they come, covered as it is with tiny butterflies (and if you’ve ever been into a butterfly house you’ll know what a magical experience that is, so I just love this idea!). Bridesmaids in glittering rose gold, an aisle lined with flowerpots, a groom in fashionable tweed, hanging flowers, watercolour stationery, bunnies…! Amy and Mark’s gorgeous big day had all of it and was filled with colour and love, right down to the shower of confetti that rained down on them as they took their first steps to music as husband and wife. The wonderful Jack and Jane were there to take these fantastic pictures!

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Lively Lilac & Greenery Wedding at White Water Farm by Juliette Bisset

Some weddings you just take one look at and you know they were SUPER fun to attend! Talia and Andre’s big day has joy and vibrancy written all over it, from Talia’s gorgeous convertible gown, to an aisle lined with hearts, to a reception that kicked off with Israeli dancing, right down to bottles of Autumn Harvest on the tables as a tribute to the groom’s dubious taste in first date wine and a unique way to toast the newlyweds. It’s no surprise this pair kept the party going long into the night! But beyond the fun, the wedding also has a sense of simple elegance, like the greenery garlands hanging in their clear marquee, or the understated colour scheme of lilac, silver, green and white, or the bride’s silver botanical crown. And with Juliette Bisset‘s beautiful photographs to bring the day to life, this is one you don’t want to miss!

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Romantic Pastel Wedding at Oxbow Country Estate by Rensche Mari

Romantic Pastel Wedding at Oxbow Country Estate | Image: Rensche Mari

Oh, but this wedding is charming! I mean, straight up, when Rensche Mari Photography is involved, I know a celebration is going to be gorgeous, but when you add in bride and groom Antonie and Melissa, with their sweet, loved-up smiles and classic style, a palette of soft pastel pinks and purples and blues, and hello – a flower wall!, you’ve got a super inspiring wedding that might just break Pinterest when you all get going! Every detail works perfectly in harmony, and Rensche’s images… well, they’re pure romance. Swoon! *Shopping sources in this post use affiliate links. This means SBB may earn a commission if you make a purchase from our links.

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Sentimental Rustic Wedding at Fatherland Estate by Jessica J Photography

Sentimental Rustic Wedding | Image: Jessica J Photography

Sometimes you don’t get what you ask for in life, but what you do get is so much better. Just ask today’s bride, Cristy, who went on a mission to buy U2 tickets when they came up for sale in a pub she was in – didn’t make it to the concert, but she snagged a local muso, Nick, as her sweetheart instead! Fast forward to Nick and Cristy’s wedding in the tranquil bushveld surroundings of Fatherland Estate, a day filled with both chic rustic touches and sentimental and heirloom details, and a ceremony that brought them full circle as two of Nick’s bandmates serenaded Cristy down the aisle. This wedding is as sweet as their love story, so let’s dig right into these lovely pics by Jessica J Photography!

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Winter Wedding with Two Gorgeous Gowns at Bellwood Cottages by The Shank Tank

Winter Wedding with Two Gorgeous Gowns | Image: The Shank Tank

Once upon a time, there was a ballerina and a rugby player… if today’s wedding was a fairytale, it would start just like this, since Kayla and Shannon are a talented pair who met in their South African home town and now reside on the other side of the world living their dreams (Kayla is a dancer at the Paris Lido and Shannon plays rugby in France). Their wedding was country elegance at its finest – the prettiest details from top to bottom, perfect for a winter wedding in the Midlands! I especially love that there is a personal touch to almost everything, from the Starbucks favours to the brides TWO breathtaking gowns, which she worked on herself alongside her talented Parisian seamstress. It really gives a wedding that extra bit of magic to know that every detail has been thought about and personalised and crafted and has a story behind it, doesn’t it? Telling those stories with these gorgeous images is The Shank Tank.

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Magical Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspired Wedding at Collisheen Orchid House by Roxanne Davison

Magical Midsummer Night's Dream Inspired Wedding with a McCarthy Wolff Dress | Image: Roxanne Davison

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a talented wedding dress designer gets married – well, you’re about to find out. I’m a HUGE fan of emerging South African bridal house, McCarthyWolff – their dresses are utterly breathtaking and unique. So when the wedding of one of the founders, Jane, and her sweetheart, Ben, turned up in my inbox I knew it was going to be amazing. And was I ever right. Jane and Ben were inspired by magical woodland weddings and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and created something completely intimate and unique and beautiful (and I do mean created, because they handmade most of this wedding with the help of family and friends!). On the tables, a forest of dried floral ‘trees’ (um, wow) paired with black linens and twinkle lights, made for a magical fairytale atmosphere, perfectly matching the elegance of the bridal party with their herb bouquets and black velvet gowns (and suit for Jane’s bridesman Dale, the other half of McCarthy Wolff). And then there’s the dress. This dress! As befitting a fashion queen, it is an absolute showstopper, a gorgeous cascade of tulle and ribbon flowers and tiny pearls that has me completely obsessed. Forget ready-to-wear – this is ready-to-WOW. Capturing it all are these gorgeous images by Roxanne Davison.

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Whimsical Rustic Wedding at Rockhaven by Creation Events & Tasha Seccombe

Whimsical Rustic South African Wedding | Image: Tasha Seccombe

A super chic backless satin Gwendolynne gown with the prettiest lace sleeves. A spectacular bouquet that’s making me rethink my general aversion to pairing red and blue. A reception decked out in hundreds of fairy lights and flowers and bulbs all cascading from the ceiling. Yep, I’m pretty sure you could say that Katie & Charles-Eric’s wedding style game is strong! This Aussie-based couple put their trust in the extremely capable hands of Theresa Lazarevic of Creation Events, a long time friend of SBB, who brought their whimsical rustic vision to life and left them to have the day of their dreams from first look to last dance (the latter thanks to the fabulous DJ West of The Wedding DJ’s. Tasha Seccombe took these gorgeous photos – needless to say, I’m crushing on every one!

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Bright & Berry-toned Wedding at The Venue Kavinga by Inecke Photography

Jessica and Kyle are a bubbly, happy-go-lucky couple, so a vanilla wedding was never going to be for them. Out with beige and blush, and in with bright, vibrant florals in berry and jewel tones, a forest of lush greenery hanging from the ceiling (making the reception space feel intimate and cosy) and more punches of colour in everything from the confetti to Kyle’s tie. Fun, right? You’d never believe it was a winter wedding, with all those warm colours, as well as the Persian carpets that were placed throughout both ceremony and reception, the bridesmaids’ beautiful separates, and the reflection of candlelight and Edison bulbs on the touches of gold on the tables. Way to glow! And talking of glowing, doesn’t the happy couple do just that in these pretty pictures from Inecke Photography?

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