SouthBound’s Best 2013: Details

It’s been a fun week counting down our favourite parts of 2013, hasn’t it? Well, next week there’s more to come, with the top 10 weddings of the year. Today, first, we’re bringing you my favourite details – a mixture of decor and doings and personalised loveliness that added the “ooh” factor for me. I keep saying it’s hard to narrow things down, but maybe this was the hardest, since every wedding has its own little angle that makes it unique. But here we go anyway! And don’t forget to come back this afternoon, when I have some really gorgeous wedding photos to share with you all from our talented sponsors. You’ll be so inspired!

Ribbon chair garlands are so dreamy, love them! Whether it’s on every guest’s chair or just the bride and groom’s, they always make a pretty impression. Top: Chrisinda & Wouter – See the whole wedding here (photography by Yolande Marx); Bottom left: Grethe & Alex – see the whole wedding (photography by Bernard Bravenboer); Bottom right: Rochelle & De Markhoff – see the whole wedding (photography by Kallah Ohr).

Backdrops and hanging decor make an amazing focal point at the reception – so beautiful! Whether it’s paper details or hanging bottles, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be a feature. Top: Ian & Andrea – see the whole wedding (photography by Wesley Poon); Bottom left: Maria & Gerrit – see the whole wedding (photography by Cari Photography); Right top: Carol & Carl – see the whole wedding (photography by Lauren Kriedemann); Right bottom: Ian & Andrea – see the whole wedding (photography by Wesley Poon).

Okay, I LOVE this idea (pictured here at Rhys & Annemarie’s gorgeous wedding), and it may just be because I have loved these candy eggs since I was a kid and they are so South African! No, it’s not just that. It’s because they look so darn purdy! See the whole wedding (photography by Vivid Blue).

Nicole and Liam’s wedding included an AMAZING stripey tent, not to mention a French market feel with stalls for guests to visit instead of traditional canapes. This was actually an idea we saw a couple of times this year, and loved each time. But combined with that marquee? Adorable. See the whole wedding (photography by Drikus Le Roux).

I love this trend I did a feature on it recently – gorgeous, no? Chris & Richard had hanging bulbs that added an edgy urban design look during the day and magically transformed into a fairytale of lights at night. See the whole wedding (photography by Wesley Vorster).

Oh garlands, how I do love them! Our RLB Candice’s was a serious showstopper! See the whole wedding (photography by Alicia Swedenborg, flowers by Anneline Schoon).

For a rustic farm-bound bride, I just adore the idea of a table plan made up of animals. Cute, right? Left: Keri & Andrew – see the whole wedding (photography by Bright Girl); Right: Elmarie & Sakkie – see the whole wedding (photography by Lindy Truter).

A formal wedding doesn’t suit all couples, and Lindsay & Gareth chose such a fun alternative for their relaxed garden wedding – a pizza oven! And to add to the interactive atmosphere, instead of a DJ they had a jukebox so that guests could pick their own tunes. So fun! See the whole wedding (photography by Kelland Photography).

Lasercut gold details were such an amazing feature at Carin & Marius’ wedding, especially since they were used to highlight a series of innovative food stations, from bubble and nougat to a little mini gourmet braai. Amazing. See the whole wedding (photography by Yolande Marx/co-ordination by Absolute Collection).

Is there a sweeter finish than a soft serve shared with your beloved? Let your guests in on this childhood throwback delight by having an ice cream truck at your wedding, as Rienne & Johan did. See the whole wedding (photography by Catherine Mac).