SouthBound’s Best 2013: Groom’s Style

You didn’t think we’d forget the boys, did you? This morning we rounded up our favourite bridal style from 2013, and this afternoon we’re passing the spotlight on to the guys, celebrating those stylish men who made your hearts leap as they stood at the end of the aisle. This is one area of wedding styling that can get overlooked (or can be gotten wrong), but your man deserves to look every bit as amazing as you do on the big day, so be sure to spare some time to help him and his boys pick out the perfect outfit and accessories. We had some super studly looks on SBB this year, reflecting some of the wider trends for dressing groomsmen, and I’ve collected my favourites here for you.

No question for me – my most stylish grooms of the year have to be Chris and Richard with their designer suits from Lagerfeld and Hugo Boss respectively. Which just goes to show that whatever the trend of the moment, there’s nothing like a classic, well-cut suit to make a man look his best. See the whole wedding (photography by Wesley Vorster).

This year our grooms have been formal… (See the whole wedding; photography by Alicia Swedenborg, suits by Occasions on Broadway.)

And casual… (See the whole wedding; photography by Lauren Kriedemann.)

I especially love the contrast between this groom and his groomsmen. (See the whole wedding; photography by Charlene Schreuder.)

Accessories have been big news. From specially made chevron ties (LOVE!)… See the whole wedding (photography by Moira West, ties from Zazzle).

How about some styling headwear? TOP: See the whole wedding (photography by Andrea Carlyle); BOTTOM LEFT: See the whole wedding (photography by Melanie Wessels); BOTTOM RIGHT: See the whole wedding (photography by Dreampix Photography).

Or some cute braces? TOP: See the whole wedding (photography by Jani B.); BOTTOM LEFT: See the whole wedding (photography by Yolande Marx, groomswear by Country Road); BOTTOM RIGHT: See the whole wedding (photography by Andrea Carlyle).

Or even some mismatched socks? See the whole wedding (photography by Vivid Blue).

But my FAVOURITE groom’s accessory is the custom boutonniere. So much creativity goes into these – this year our bouts have ranged from badges to lasercuts to hand crocheted details. Adorable, right? (Check out this roundup of boutonnieres for more indeas.)

Top to bottom, left to right: 1- Jaco by Catherine Mac; 2- Christo by Jilda G.; 3- Adriaan by Wesley Vorster; 4- Johan by As Sweet As Images; 5- Endri by Veronique Mills Photography; 6- Wouter by Yolande Marx; 7- Matt by Lad & Lass; 8- Sakkie by Lindy Truter; 9- Bruce by Catherine Mac; 10- Arlo by Lauren Kriedemann; 11- Tobias by Leani Holmes; 12- Niel by Aglow Photography; 13- Philip by Vivid Blue/Lezannes Designs; 14- JP by Michelle Joubert-Martin; 15- André by Coba Engelbrecht; 16- Nico by Kim Jansen van Rensburg; 17-19- Andrew by Bright Girl.